Saturday, 7 February 2009

Along the wire the electric message came... is no better, it is much the same (with apologies to Alfred Austin).

Here are two quotes from people kind enough to read and comment on Catch a Falling Star on Authonomy:

'Hi Lexi, I saw this was doing well and thought I'd come back to have another look, and... you have improved this so much - I struggled mightily with the plausibility last time, particularly in her reactions to Joe, no such problems this time though - I think in places you still 'tell' the reader too much, in her explaining para's I would try getting rid of the last sentence each time (as it added nothing but repeated previous). But this is now a great read and I can understand why so many have backed it - finally, SHELVED. Good luck.'

'Lexi,came back for another read. You've obviously worked on this and I can see a big improvement, it's tighter, smoother and flows well. Nice one. Its a process this isn't it?Anyway, I'm backing this now - good luck with it.'

The point is, I haven't changed more than a dozen or so words in the first chapters of Catch a Falling Star. The 'improvement' the two readers perceived was entirely imaginary. And I can only conclude they think the book is better because it's currently sitting in the top five of the Authonomy book chart.

Or maybe it's the new cover...


  1. I really love your covers! I did mine for the Authonomy site too, cheap, but it works right?

    Nice to meet you!

  2. I like your cover for Lucky's Charm.

    It's nice to have a reason to make a cover for one's book without looking sad, because it is fun. I wish I could paint, though.

  3. Lexi! HI! You might not remember me, but I met you on the ABNA forums last year. I stumbled onto Authonomy today, and saw your book was ranked second. WOW. I am totally impressed. Please keep us all updated on how it goes for you--I'd never really looked into Authonomy before, but I'm off to sign up now! GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. Beth, thanks for dropping by!

    Who needs ABNA when there is Authonomy?


  5. I think there are a number of factors that can play into a reader's stated reaction to a piece of writing, especially on a Peer Review site such as Authonomy. Certainly one of those factors can be "What the Crowd is Saying". The line outside the popular restaurant gets longer while the place down the street struggles to fill seats. The difference? Maybe nothing more than a nice write-up in the local paper or even just the fact of the line itself.

    But it is also true that the reader's current state of mind, including that portion occupied by How My Stuff is Doing on the Site Right Now, cannot be dismissed. Neither can we shrug off Experience Level, which can change, for the better or worse, over a fairly short period of time.

    And then there is the Life is Going Great vs. Life Sucks factor that can color Dear Reader's vision of damned near anything. Some folks are steady as can be, but some swing so far back and forth that all you can do is hope you've caught them on an upward trajectory when they put eye to your chapters.

    We won't even talk about whether Dear Reader has been experiencing the irregularity that accompanies ill-advised diet choices and/or poor hydration habits.

    All feedback, especially from anything other than an extraordinarily qualified, completely disinterested reader, needs to be taken at something less than face value.

    But I can't argue with the fact that it is gratifying to see "great read" and "flows well", used in reference to ones work. Heck, I got a tickle out of a review on YWO a couple of days ago that begins with "Consumate writing." How very nice. But did I let that go to my head? No, I did not. One really shouldn't get too worked up by misspelled praise, should one?


  6. Alan, it's not fair, your comment is better than my original post!

    I may sulk.

  7. Sulk not, fair lady/author/multi-talented person. Deserved recognition and/or publishing contracts are not tossed in the direction of Those Who Comment on Blogs.

    Keep working on the book!

  8. I'd take the compliments! Congrats on the Top 5 and the cover looks fab!