Saturday, 16 May 2009

LitMatch - a resource for writers

I've started submitting Catch a Falling Star to agents, and have discovered just how useful LitMatch is.

It's a website to help writers seeking representation. You can do an advanced search and find agents and agencies in your own country who deal with the genres you write in, and also whether they accept email submissions. It gives you their website address, and blog details if they have one. You can join for free and Track Your Submissions; see at a glance who you sent your chapters to, and how many days it is since you did.

Click on the agent's name, and you go to Response Data; how long it has taken for them to respond, and rejection/offer statistics. These are garnered from LitMatch members who use the tracking service.

It's interesting - one agent whose website says she aims to respond within seven days has an average response time of seventeen, according to LitMatch stats. The sample is quite small (ten in that example) so I urge you all to join and make the results more representative!

You can also add a comment about an agent - but I've yet to find one...writers are all too anxious not to offend, or so rude the comments have been disallowed.


  1. Good info Lexi.

    Some other useful sites: (Assoc of Authors' Reps) (writing, publishing, marketing tips) (free searchable database)

  2. Thanks, Norm, I'll check them out.

  3. Thanks for the tip about LitMatch. I shall definately look at their site.

  4. Hi Debs - yes, it's good, though perhaps not beautiful to look at.

    I keep coming across handy new features.

  5. Hi Lexi
    Have you checked for stats for that agent? They may have more feedback than the 10 LM has.

  6. Anon, I've now joined QueryTracker - it looks useful, and I'll compare them and report on the blog. Thank you.

    (It may be more geared to the USA; it's only got one submission recorded for that particular agency - 15 days.)