Friday, 17 July 2009

Just what you're after...or maybe not.

I've just been marvelling at my Keyword Analysis on Statcounter.

There are some visitors whom I know I must have disappointed. Like the men - I'm somehow certain of their sex - who were looking for Girls Tied to Torture Rack, or Men and Woman Sex Move, or Sexi Lexi Make it a Double. Frankly, I don't care that they slunk away from this blog with their vile urges unsatisfied. (By the way, isn't it a good thing I don't write under my real name, Lexi Dick? I'd get such quantities of sad, furtive souls dropping by that my Google ranking would rocket from its current 3/10. Hmm...)

A surprising number of people come here having googled Describe the iPod. Perhaps it is frequently set as a school essay? The Most Annoying Fictional Character is popular, too, as is Metaphors and Free Rice.

But the outright winner, with more than thirty hits, is One Space or Two after a Full Stop. I do hope those visitors found my post on the subject helpful.

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P.S. What is the leopard for? I felt it was time for an illustrated post. That's all.


  1. The big draw on mine is "Three prisoners and five hats".

    Not many porno searches for mine lately. Although on the old website that has gone bye-byes I used to get gents (I use the term quite loosely) looking for compromising photos of Samantha Brown, a travel show host (presenter)on the Travel Channel here. Nobody so far has been in search of compromising photos of me, as far as I can tell.

  2. Someone found my blog by googling:
    Who does the smeliest [sic] fart in the world?

    My pride swells.

  3. Three Prisoners and Five Hats has a certain ring to it - perhaps the title of your next book, Alan? Or a minor edit to the text of The Baer Boys - a brush with the law, an interest in headgear for Darin and his dad, and voila, you have a snappy new title that you know attracts readers!

    Stace, your pride may swell - my mind boggles.