Thursday, 20 August 2009

Form an orderly line, please

Today I am touting for followers. Would you like to follow this blog, with all the exciting benefits that brings?

(No, I don't know what they are, either. But please do.)

Just scroll down the sidebar until you come to the Followers bit, and sign up.



  1. "I get to be Line Leader!" He shouts, frantically waving his hand and dancing about like a six year old in need of the facilities. "Line Leader! I called it!"

  2. And so you shall be!

    Here is your new shiny Line Leader badge. Wear it with pride.

  3. He beams!

    Is there such a thing as a beaming emoticon?

    :) is the best I can conjure.

  4. Don't you do a nose, thus :o)?

    Or 8^)?

  5. I like the nose one.


    Must be a way to turn that little fellow right side up, though.

    Ah, well, I have to figure out how to superglue one of the hinges on my computer now. Made an ominous cracking noise earlier this morning.

  6. Would that be the hinge on the screen? I was too frightened by the ominous protesting noise it made to adjust my new screen.

    The offspring soon showed it who was boss, though.

  7. That's the one. It's right by the heatsink vent and it don't look pretty down there. I've been hauling this thing back and forth to work. Not sure that is such a good idea now.

    Any more followers?

    C'mon, people, this is a fun, and often educational place. Make it a habit!

  8. The thing is, I've never quite seen the point of following blogs myself - I've put links on this blog to the ones I read regularly. Also you need a Google account...

    I was just going a bit power-crazy. I do from time to time. Ignore me.

  9. Well, there goes Line Leader. Maybe I can be Hall Monitor.

  10. When I was at school, they wouldn't even make me Milk Monitor. They somehow missed my obvious talents. It was that sort of school.

    I appointed myself Tadpole Monitor, since no one else was looking after them, but little (or let's be honest, no) kudos went with the position.

    You can still be Honorary Line Leader.

  11. I am humbled and pledge to bring honor to the position.