Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fantastic news!

The best news of the past week is that Guy Saville has found a publisher for his exciting novel, The Afrika Reich.

Set in an alternative 1952, when a victorious Nazi Germany occupies much of Africa, The Afrika Reich tells the story of ex-assassin Burton Cole who attempts to foil the plans of messianic racist Walter Hochburg. You can read the first chapter here.

Two publishers got into a bidding war over it, the winner being Hodder & Stoughton, who plan to publish The Afrika Reich in hardback in February 2011. Guy has signed a contract for a two-book deal, got the sort of advance that's becoming an endangered species in these hard times, and had a champagne lunch in Mayfair with his editor (a scenario that surely features in the dreams of every unpublished writer).

Everyone who is acquainted with Guy will be pleased. It couldn't have happened to a nicer chap, or a more deserving book. It's good news for all the people who will soon be able to buy it and enjoy the read, too.

Postscript: A few years ago, I used to visit a website called New Authors, and you will think me horrid when I admit I went there to laugh heartlessly at the frightfulness of much of what was on offer. I'd just finished my first novel, Torbrek...and the Dragon Variation, and this site confirmed my belief that my book was pretty hot.

Then I joined YouWriteOn, and the first book I was assigned was Guy Saville's All That Happened With Alice. I realized that maybe there was scope for improvement in my writing after all...


  1. Fantastic news indeed!

    And from what I've read of Heart of Rock I'd say your writing is damn good these days, Lexi. Let's hope you're next in line for the publishing deal.


  2. Hi!!

    I found out from Welshcake who broke the news last week on her blog!

    I am so, so, so, so happy for him!

    And champagne lunches? Bidding wars... wow!! It really couldn't happen to a nicer lovelier chappie.

    You and Welshcake and all the other original You-write-on-ers next! Oh yes. I shall be watching this space...!!!

    Now when is Mr Saville going to have his blog up and running?!!!

    Take care

  3. Always great to hear a fellow writer's good news.

  4. And your observation about how what we read influences our perception of our own writing is, I think, absolutely correct. I think it is vital for anyone who wants to bring their own writing to a high level to read great writing. There can, I suppose, be some advantages to participating in these online writers' sites, but the enormous quantity of miserable work one has to subject oneself to can have a counterproductive effect.

    BTW, you may be interested to know that I am reading "Emma" by one of your favorite authors. She was good. Really good.

  5. Is this your first reading of it, Alan?

    Emma would be my desert island book. Mr Knightley is my favourite among the incomparable Jane Austen's heroes.

  6. Wonderful news about Guy and so nice to hear something positive in relation to the members of Youwriteon after all the negative publicity that's been doing the rounds.

  7. nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

  8. Hi Anon,

    I don't tweet - don't know if Guy does.

    I feel if I started on Twitter, I'd get no work done at all.

  9. Hello Lexi

    Thanks for your lovely posting about TAR’s success… perhaps you could become my publicist!

    Thanks too for putting up my ‘logo’ for the book. I was always rather partial to it (it was my design – so I suppose I would be) but I’m afraid to say it won’t be the front cover when the novel comes out. Hodder will be doing an English language version of the book to sell in Germany and Austria and there it is illegal to use swastikas (even in fiction). So the art department are currently drawing up (literally) something else. Full details to follow when I have them.

    And since Alan has put a posting here, I’d like to thank him publically, along side Norm and Cathy, for all the help they gave me with the American sections of the book. Now all I need is a big deal in the US!

    Best wishes


    PS – no tweeting from me I’m afraid (well not at the moment… I may change my mind in the months to come). I know it’s only 140 characters per tweet but if you saw the amount of paperwork I’m having to get through at the moment you’d understand why even that is too much.

  10. Guy,

    Get that agent of yours working on an American deal and soon!


    Well, I thought I had read Emma before, but it seems I was mistaken. Must be all those film versions I have seen. Anyway, I am enjoying it immensely and it seems to me that Austen is probably a good writer to read considering my current WIP.

    I understand about Knightley. Elizabeth Barret is my choice as Darned Close to Perfection in a literary heroine. I'm no Darcy, but I'd give him a run for his money if I had the chance.

  11. Oops, make that Bennet, not Barret. There goes my chance with her.

  12. Interesting about the swastika ban in Germany, Guy. One can see why. I hope the art department does you proud.

    Emma is an ace read indeed, Alan.

  13. Kudos to Guy! Thanks for getting the news out Lexi.


  14. This is wonderful news, Lexi! THanks for posting this and keeping us informed. I had signed up to Guy's website back in the day, but I haven't had any messages from him about this. Just goes to show, with a good book everything is possible.

  15. As a fellow ywo writer/reviewer I salute you, Guy. Er... no clicking of heels though. I watched with interest as I'd like to read this book. I lived in Africa and I've often wondered 'what if...'.

    Wouldn't it be nice to see more ywo writers come away with a deal like yours! A fine example to us all. Thanks, Guy.

    Anna Hunt

  16. Just seen these new additions from Richie D and Anna. Don't know how often you check Lexi's blog - but thank you both for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

    To answer Richie's comment - an email is one its way to you (and everyone else who signed up to my site); just been having some technical issues with my domain server. So many people signed up (several thousand) that I can't load my address book. I am in the process of sorting it but it will take a couple more weeks (not least because all my time is currently being spent on the final edit of the book!) Rest assurred though, you will be getting something!

    In the meantime, I see YWO has posted the news:

    Thanks again, G.

  17. Thanks Guy, it'll be nice to get something in my email that isn't the promise of enlarging portions of my anatomy!