Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hey! That could work...

I've pretty much given up on Authonomy - the corrupt chart, the ridiculous state of the talent-spotter rankings, the loudmouths on the forum, but last week I got a comment there on Heart of Rock that I enjoyed. Teric Darken said:

I just want you to know that I have a vintage concert t-shirt of The Voices, and the very picture of Ric Kealey that you described (in chapter two) is emblazoned on the back, along with Bryan Orr and the other members!

Once I'd stopped laughing I thought, hey, that's a great idea - I could use it to promote the book! My mind ran on with researching rock promo tee shirts, where to find a charismatic stand-in for Ric for the shot, how many to print...then I remembered none of this would be necessary until I got a publishing deal.


I'm just off to press on with the submissions.


  1. Hi

    Oh but it's great to keep that tee-shirt in mind tho - when you do get that publishing deal.

    Hang on in there!! You will make it - I have every faith in you and your novels.

    I'm sorry Authonomy isn't working out - it started off with such promise too didn't it? Oh well, at least you tried and that's better than not trying at all!

    Take care

  2. When I do, Kitty, I am counting on you to buy the tee shirt. I'm sure you will look lovely in it.

    Authonomy was a lot of fun in the early days - I wouldn't have missed it.

  3. You're the second or third person I've heard complain about autonomy.

  4. Authonomy could be so good - it's a huge missed opportunity.

  5. That T shirt idea is great. Fingers crossed for those submissions. x

  6. Hi Joanne, I think promotion must be fun, particularly the things you can sell/give away/award as prizes. Jasper Fforde does an interesting range of limited edition bookmarks, among other things.

  7. I agree that Authonomy is a huge wasted opportunity... indeed so many of the writing websites are. I wonder if that's because their primary objective is not really about discovering new talent (such as yourself).

    I was half tempted to get some TAR T-shirts made (esp with the new logo/brand Hodder have in mind)... however, I doubt they could be worn in public!

    Do keep pressing on with the submissions - I'm sure a promotional blitz will be yours soon.


  8. Guy, your comment just made me laugh out loud.

    Of course, the Nazis did have striking branding/merchandising themselves - all that red and black, and the smart uniforms.

    Surely you can think of a way to make the tee-shirts unobjectionable?

  9. Ah, but an objectionable t-shirt would get so much more notice. Perhaps even mention on the news. You can't buy publicity like that. Of course, it could also result in a sudden need to move out of the country or at the very least do a "Rushdie" and go underground.

    I want to give away dachshunds as a promotion when The Baer Boys hits the shelves. But first I have to finish it.

  10. Alan, you are so shrewd! Of course objectionable t-shirts are what Guy needs. And after a row blows up, he could go on television and be charming and disarming and sell loads more books.

    I see no flaw in this plan.

    Re The Baer Boys promotion, are you talking real or soft toy dachshunds? If real, you need to put Odie to work breeding new ones now. Plan ahead.

  11. Odie, bless him, hasn't been breeding stock for some time now. And honestly, I think that is for the best. He is not an example of Darwin's theory proved.