Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I wasn't expecting THAT...

One of the nice things about writing is the surprises you get - the characters who emerge from their minor position in the crowd to take centre stage, demanding a name and a key role in the plot. I've just had that - one minute the guy was a nonentity at the back of the room on his computer, the next he started needling his boss. Now he's heading for an affair with one of the heroines.

Or the story; how many of us write the story we set out to write? (Apart from those organized souls who do a summary of each chapter before they start.) With any luck it'll be better than planned, but it's never quite the same. Like those Hogwarts shifting staircases in the movies, suddenly you're heading in a different direction. And that's when the book really starts to move.

Here's to wayward characters and pleasant surprises! I'm off back to writing.


  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me.
    I don't know if you've looked at 'A Rag Doll Falling' but Fiona started off as a device to show up the sexist attitudes of one of the other characters and then almost took the book over. I'd wake up in the middle of the night with this woman grabbing another piece of the action.
    Fiona running amok was one of the most fun things about writing it. She is definately in the sequel.

  2. I'm imagining Fiona bridling at being a mere device, and saying, "Right. We'll see about that..."

  3. Knowing the woman as I now do, I think you are dead right.
    Have you read The Girl with the dragon Tattoo? I thought, when I read it that the 'Girl' was another one. The book has about a hundred pages (it might not be that long but it felt like it) of a mildly interesting story about an investigative journalist when suddenly this girl turns up and a completely different story takes off.
    The film (the Swedish version) has the sense to just do the girl story.
    When I read it I could almost feel this girl hacking into the writer's computer and taking over the story.

  4. No; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sounds a bit too violent for my taste, though I'd like to know what has made it so successful, so I sort of feel I ought to take a look at it.

  5. I'm just thinking "another book by Lexi! Yay!"

  6. You are so kind! At present, it's a quarter of another book by Lexi...

  7. I'm known as a Panster writer!! As in I just write and hope for the best!!LOL!!

    Well just one who writes and lets the writing do the walking if that makes sense! I prefer it that way cos characters grow and take over and before you know it the one who has a walk on part becomes the major deal breaker!!

    So yay for them!! Good luck with your writing!! Take care

  8. Yes, I think it's more fun to make it up as you go along. The results can surprise you - the best things in my books happened along the way.

    I like to know the start, the end, and the theme before I begin writing; after that, I'm open to the Muse or whatever...

  9. You were visited with simply excellent idea

  10. Yes Sandra, it's one of the things that makes writing such fun in spite of all the hard work.

    Anon, I hope to be visited by many more ideas both simple and excellent :o)

  11. Its the thrill and promise of the unexpected that makes us writers.

    Congratulations on your book!

  12. I'd like to add my congratulations, Lexi, and thanks for writing. I've enjoyed everything I've read of yours so keep up the good work.

    I've found that I start with a character and I drop that character into a setting and then I move to the theme, then the beginning and the ending. Then I change the beginning... and the ending...

    Writing is enjoyable - agreed?

  13. I'd agree writing is amazing and terrific - when it's going well.

    When it's not, however...