Sunday, 26 December 2010

REMIX stats on UK Amazon

  • At some time today, Kindle sales of Remix went over the 5,000 mark, and are currently ticking up like a taxi meter in a traffic jam.
  • On Christmas eve, I received my very first cheque from Amazon, for £194.22 (buns for tea!)
  • My royalties in the UK for the seven days up to Christmas were £256.62.
  • Remix has spent 74 days in the UK Kindle top 100 so far.
  • It has 50 reviews on UK Amazon, 41 five star, 8 four star and 1 three star.
  • I am amazed and delighted.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my bloggie friends


  1. Lexi!!!

    I FINISHED YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!! Like half an hour ago and am trying to compose a review for the PRINT copy on amazon! LOL!! Awww congratulations with your royalty cheques!!! Woo-hooo!!!!! Ker-ching!!!

    I really really really really REALLY enjoyed Remix!!!!! Oh it was such a fun and rock n roll read!! Thank you for entertaining me over the holidays!!!!! I absolutely had a whale of a time reading it!!! It's fab!!!! You are one amazing writer!!

    All the best for the New Year!!! Take care

  2. Lol Kitty - glad you enjoyed the read and thanks for buying the paperback.

    Hang on to it, it has rarity value :o)

  3. Thanks for following on Twitter, and congratulations on your book-selling success! :)

  4. Well done! What wonderful news. Good luck with your books in 2011

  5. That is great news, Lexi. Congratulations. I'm still going to be trying for old fashioned print publishers for a while. I can't help it, I like the feel of paper, but it is good to know that people are having real success with the electronic path.

  6. Jarmara, what a great name for a fantasy writer - tell me it's your real one?

    Bot, I like paper books too, but people do love their Kindles once they have them. You can't beat them for convenience. And to get into bookshops, you need mainstream publishing. Unfortunately.

  7. Congratulations, and happy new year!

  8. Hi Lexi,
    Got my Kindle Christmas Day, and downloaded your book. Finished it today. Really enjoyed it and look forward to your next.
    I'm writing the difficult second novel having written my first when I was 13 (which is terrible) - I am now 26 so I guess one every 13 years isn't bad! I never really thought about the electronic path but I would recommend your book to my friends, and none of them have Kindles so I can see how an e-purchase could encourage others to buy the paperback.
    Hope you had a good Christmas. Hope the next book is on it's way :0.)
    Have a great holiday season and a peaceful New Year!

  9. Congrats- great ending to your year :) May it get even better in the new year (hint- ANOTHER BOOK)!

  10. FH, thank you :o)

    Natascha, I'm so glad you liked Remix. You have a great advantage starting to write so young; and I bet your thirteen-year-old effort is entertaining, even if not in the way your younger self intended, so hang on to it.

    Grace, I'm working on the next book, now over 50,000 words, spurred on by the response to Remix. The plot is thickening nicely...

  11. Congratulations, Lexi. Well deserved success. I'm looking forward to the next book, but hoping you'll still do a print version for those of us without Kindles...


  12. Yo K, I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

    I expect I will do a print version of the next book because a book you've written, that you can hold in your hand, is rather nice.

  13. Wow your ranking has been going up and down. It's so interesting to watch.

    As for my name... Well don't tell anyone but I'm a character from my creator's novel. She[my novelist] wanted to give me more of a life so I tell everyone how her writing is going and if she had any luck with her short stories etc. One day she might have a blog in her own name but for now I'm more than happy to help out. Good luck with your writing, Lexi.

  14. Lol - I do watch my Amazon ranking rather too much.

    Not sure I'd like my characters doing their own thing on the internet. Your creator obviously has a lot of confidence in you...

  15. That is so fabulous, Lexi. I enjoyed the first 15 chapters and intend to get the book this week to finish it.

    Congratulations on your success. I hope to follow in your footsteps very soon. ;)

  16. Go for it, Cheryl, there couldn't be a better time :o)

  17. Grats Lexi! Sounds like it's really starting to snowball for you.

    I've noticed that a lot of high-selling authors seem to have a good number of manuscripts immediately available, so I'm making that a priority. I think I'm finally satisfied with my first release. I'm now revisiting some of my older manuscripts.

  18. Jamie, you are so right about having more than one book for sale. I only haven't released my first two as they are a different genre from Remix and not quite as well written. I give them away instead.

    You are lucky to have some viable older typescripts to work on!

  19. Hi Lexi

    Don't know whether you have seen it yet but page 31 of todays Times has a picture and name check of 'Remix' on it !

    Fame at last !

  20. Wow! Thank you so much for telling me, Paul. I've just rushed out and bought a copy :o)