Monday, 31 January 2011

Interview with famous author Lexi Revellian :o)

You can find out all about me and my writing at Sandra Patterson's blog today.

Discover how I went from rejection by all the best literary agents in the UK to becoming an indie author who has sold more than 12,000 ebooks in less than six months.

(And note I don't use the expression 'roller-coaster ride' once in the whole interview.)

The cartoon is by my daughter.


  1. Love your daughter's drawing!!

    From one of your hoardes of adoring fans!! x
    p.s. yay for your interview and new book in the making!!!
    take care

  2. Great interview, Lexi. Fabulous news on the sales figures too!


  3. Love the cartoon and interview!

  4. Thanks, Kitty, K and Justine.

    I've tried to persuade the offspring to start a cartoon blog. I can imagine growing popularity, eventual fame, animations on Youtube, and lots of money from tee shirts and mugs...

  5. That looks so good! Love it! Great to get the family involved I convinced my eldest to do the artwork for my novels. Not meaning to boast but we do have a deep pool of talent in your kiddies. My daugther the youngest now wants to do a graphic novel of one of my stories.
    ps Thanks for the inspiration

  6. A graphic novel! An interesting genre - I love Posy Simmonds' books and have them all.

    Children are rewarding, if a lot of work :o)

  7. I feel totally outdone. I post monthly self interviews on my blog. But obviously I need to come up with a much cooler title than "Self Interview" followed by the appropriate month.

    Hmmm, the things you learn from other people. Thanks. And I will check out the interview. Sounds interesting.


  8. Hi Lexi I've posted a review of your book on my blog. I enjoyed learning more about your writing through your interview and good luck with your next book.

  9. Sheila, I'm impressed that you blog twice a week! Where do you find the time?

    Jarmara, thank you for the nice review. Hang on to the paperback, it has rarity value :o)

  10. Hi Lexi just downloaded your book, a very nice start well crafted. I particularly like the rocking horse restoration studio that is a really nice touch. In a reversal of roles I taught my father a few of the tricks of paint work restoration over a decade ago. Unfortuantely out here in the Antipodes quality horses are very far and few between. Ps my partner Jocelyn also likes the start of the book and she was a professional editor, so you get a big tick on editing.

  11. Roebucks are the Australian-manufactured rocking horses, aren't they? I had to look it up, having forgotten the name - they have that distinctive multi-coloured harness.

    Thanks for buying Remix. I hope you enjoy the rest. How useful to have a partner who is an editor!

  12. Yes if I recall correctly that was the maker, they used to sell through a couple of the more high end department stores. I remember doing up a few, very traditional in design but nice none the less. As for the in 'House'editor it does have its advantages. However if something doesn't work I get told straight away and being artistically huffy about a rewrite won't work.

  13. Come to think of it, I have an in house editor of my own, albeit amateur; my daughter. Her advice is ruthlessly frank, and usually good.