Friday, 13 January 2012

TIME CHILD and other short stories

I don't write a lot of short stories, largely because I haven't sussed out the market for them (though some writers, like Cally Taylor, have found publication by that route) and I've concentrated on novels. But every now and then I get an idea, or am asked to write a story or go in for a contest, and I write one. I've now gathered seven into a collection.

The title story is the longest - I thought for a while it was going to turn into a full-length novel. It's about a young woman who is visited by herself as a child, and recklessly gives her younger self good advice. I bet most of us would do the same - I don't see how one could resist. We all know exactly what mistakes we made and what we should have done differently...

I noticed recurring themes in the stories; angels, death, heaven and hell, plus a bit of time travel and even the odd vampire (so not me). But all of them are pretty upbeat.

You can buy TIME CHILD and other stories on Amazon UK for 77p, or Amazon US for $0.99.


  1. Well done you!!!

    Oh I'd hate to visit my younger self. I'd be slapping me silly! LOL!

    Take care

  2. Kitty, you made me laugh - I do rather agree. How nice that we are all grown up and sensible now :o)

  3. My mum says her younger adult self is like a person she once knew who lived in a different country. They exchange birthday cards occasionally but otherwise don't keep in touch. On the other hand, she spends a lot of time with herself aged 10. The two of them get of very well together.

  4. The past is another country: they do things differently there...

    There's also the age you feel in your head, regardless of actual age. Anecdotal evidence suggests men feel about nineteen, women a little older.

  5. I love that first story. (I'm still reading the rest of the book.) It's just so perfect the way it all works out each time and in the end.

    Worth the price of admission!

  6. Thanks FH, that's good to know :o)