Friday, 13 April 2012

Bargain author cards from Moo

Cameron Chapman mentioned on Facebook that she was getting cards made for the cost of the postage only, so I checked out Moo and ordered some myself.

They arrived today, five days later, and I'm really pleased with them.  They're a nice quality, and the logo is reasonably discreet. Total cost for fifty double-sided cards, free sample pack, two images: £3.90.

Normal cost? £17.09 inc. VAT, p&p, and you can have a different design on each one.


  1. What do you plan to do with them? Are they like bookmarks?

  2. When people ask about my books, I like to give them details in case they want to buy a book - they quite often do.

    Before, I had bookmarks for Remix, but then changed the cover and wanted to add Replica, so I made stickers. But people don't necessarily have anywhere to stick stickers these digital days...

  3. My mum does a lot of face-to-face selling, like at craft fairs and church bazaars and she's on the circuit going round talking to W.I. groups and similar. She always has cards with her book covers on the front and sales & contact details on the back. She gives away loads. People seem to really like them. It's just another promotional gimmick - anything that puts her name around. I don't know how it would work for digital selling . . . .

  4. A jeweller I know did very well giving talks to the W.I..

    The main thing is to have something to give to interested parties, rather than expect them to remember the name of one's book. The nicer the card/postcard/bookmark the better.

  5. If I was given one I'd use it as a bookmark - probably after I'd checked out the book that was pictured.

    They're good pictures.

  6. FH, you could have fifty cards, each with a different picture of your crochet work on, for £3.90! Tell me you're not tempted...

  7. Can you make them into placemats? Oooh!! Why not?!?! That sounds amazing! Placemats!! Yeah! Take care

  8. I'm negotiating a lucrative placemat deal right now, Kitty :o)

  9. Great idea! I had some business cards made up from Moo a while back, and I've thought about having some made to advertise my novels, so this is a timely reminder to get them done!