Tuesday, 15 January 2013

ICE DIARIES ~ the paperback

Yesterday the first paperbacks of Ice Diaries arrived. Always an anxious moment, opening the package; I'd got the margins wrong on the proof copy, which meant a lot of reformatting. I was confident enough not to pay £21 for another proof, but the odd doubt lingered. I enjoy formatting for print (I do it on Word, not owning InDesign) and this time I succumbed to the lure of dropped caps. The books look good and I'm rather proud.

Though digital is undoubtedly the future, there will always be a market for print editions, and as an author I like to have a physical copy of my books.

You can buy Ice Diaries on Amazon UK for £6.99 with free postage, or $10.99 on Amazon US.


  1. Happy dance! Happy dance!!


    Congratulations! Take care

  2. Congrats, Lexi!

    There's nothing quite like holding your book in your hands :)

  3. Thanks Kitty and Maia!

    The only thing better than holding my book in my hands would be a few million readers holding my book in their hands...

  4. It looks great, Lexi, esp the finish on the black.

  5. I think Lightning Source have improved their colour printing on covers recently. Ice Diaries' colours are much truer to the original artwork than R & R's.

  6. Ice Diaries, the story, reminds us that we may not always be able to rely on charging our electronic readers. In a hundred years' time will there still be electronic readers or will they go the way of the cassette tape? Physical books are important.

    Yours is a very good price. I hope you sell them all.

  7. Anna, in a hundred years we will either have books beamed to implants in our brains or be peering at the tattered remains of ancient paperbacks among the broken relics of a once proud civilization...

  8. I looked out of the window and immediately thought ICE DIARIES .... the adventure is starting!

    If the snow doesn't stop then the electric power is going to fail and the batteries are going to run out.

    The kindle isn't going to last so we definitely need hard copy.

    Very prophetic publishing Lexi! LOL

  9. Do you know, Q, that thought didn't even cross my mind?

    Mark you, I've been busy and distracted recently and my mind now wants to put its feet up and have someone bring it a nice bowl of soup while it blinks vacantly into space.