Friday, 10 May 2013

Just start shooting

From xkcd:


  1. Less is definitely more!! LOL! Take care

  2. Perhaps there'll be more next week, Kitty :o)

  3. You old hippy. And does it have to be either/or?

  4. First tentative steps into romantic suspense?

  5. Hey! I can do romantic suspense! It's just, as the Romance Reviews pointed out, I don't do a lot of deets between the sheets.

  6. Perhaps I can re-phrase:
    First steps towards 'deets between the sheets? *grin*

    How many romantic embraces have you described in your books and where can I find an all important HEA ...... good friends doesn't count! LOL

    Lexi,I love your books as written but I also think that enhancing the 'heat levels' a bit could attract a vast army of romance readers.

  7. Clearly Q you have not been reading my oeuvre with the attention it deserves :o) There is always the moment when hero and heroine get locked in a romantic clinch. Soon after, I admit, we fade to black. I agree with Mary Renault that "...inch-by-inch physical descriptions are the ketchup of the literary cuisine".

    I realize there is currently a huge market for steamy romance, and it seems to me that post EL James romance writers have got steamier, not necessarily to the benefit of their novels. Long term it's likely to appear to future readers as rather quaint and hilarious.

    If not Happy Ever After endings, I hope my books have satisfying endings. I don't like to tie things up too much; I prefer to leave the reader thinking a little. This does mean I get asked for sequels a lot...

  8. Many moons ago I remember taking part in a debate between the university Christian Society and the Humanist society to determine the meaning of life. The Christians came armed with bibles and biblical quotes while the humanists had their logical arguments and quotes from the likes of Bertrand Russel and T H Huxley. As I recall, the only common ground was found in the power of love and its many manifestations.

    Lexi, as you quote Mary Renault with her ketchup quip, perhaps I can bring George Sands to my aid:
    "There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved."

    How much is left to reader imagination is very much a matter of taste but the journey of love involving all the senses emotions and beliefs will be of intense interest to the reader and will define you as a writer.

    There is always the moment when hero and heroine get locked in a romantic clinch.

    I searched Ice Diaries for 'embrace' and found none, though there were a few hugs.

    I concede! LOL

  9. One man's meat is another man's cocktail sausage, as Katherine Whitehorn remarked.

  10. How modest you are, Lexi. You have not mentioned that Ice Diaries was awarded the 'Sexiest Hero' award. I came across it just the other day and roared my approval.

  11. Anna, I'd forgotten that! Glad it made you roar :o)