Sunday, 24 May 2015

READERS in the KNOW - Replica podcast

Readers in the Know is a handy website to help readers find good books at bargain prices (see brief video below).

Simon Denman, its founder, makes short podcasts reading scenes from books on his site to promote them, and he's just done an extract of my novel, Replica. I got to choose which scene he read. I didn't want to strain his thespian talents by giving him a passage in female POV; in the end I chose the scene in which Nick, MI5 agent, seduces Beth one snowy night in London when he's supposed to be outside in a van covertly watching her door.

I think Simon reads it really well. Go to the page, and you will find lots more extracts from other novels to listen to.

Find out more about Readers in the Know in 58 seconds:


  1. Excellent - I subscribe to Readers in the Know but don't do any publicity through the site. Foolish woman! I know Simon runs a good show, but I just don't find the time to go through the hoops of yet another site.

    Replica is one of my favourite books - when hearing about Dolly the cloned sheep, my mind immediately went to cloned people and from there it was a short hop to a clone of me. Useful perhaps but more likely to turn out frightening. Replica was consumed carefully. A great book. He read it well too.

  2. All sorts of problems with clones, and probably just as well. Beth was scanned and copied :o)