Monday, 1 February 2016

Amazon's Kindle Press choose TIME RATS 1

I woke up to the fantastic news this morning that my latest novel, TIME RATS 1: The Trouble with Time, has been selected for publication by Kindle Press. (I blogged earlier about Kindle Scout here.)

I'll be a hybrid author! And Amazon is the only publisher about whom I feel enthusiastic. I'm as pleased as Punch and Judy, as the offspring used to say.

It's difficult to predict which books on the KS site will be selected; of the five I've nominated so far, only one has been chosen. That was The Girl who Heard Demons, by Janette Rallison, which I thought was a shoo-in.

My estimation of my chances fluctuated wildly during the thirty-two day wait. No one knows the precise criteria for selection, beyond the books being proofread to a publishable, or near-publishable standard. (Near-publishable, since Amazon editors check the text and make suggestions if necessary.) A look at the list Published by Kindle Press on the Kindle Scout site suggests the books have to be competently written. A good cover helps. Many of the chosen authors have already published several books.

But any selection process has an element of personal taste to it. Last Friday afternoon I was judging the modellers' section for the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council. There were three judges, and we all agreed almost without discussion on the worst entries to be immediately discarded, and the excellent entries to be considered for awards. Only when it came to awarding gold, silver and bronze was there a mild disagreement over which was the best; and I think this came down to a matter of personal taste. 

It gives a sense of perspective, to be judging one day, and judged the next.

Did I mention how pleased I am? I am very, very pleased. Dancing about pleased.


  1. Well done Lexi ..... so there really is some justice in the publishing universe!!

    I'm looking forward to my free copy for nominating Time Rats :)

  2. I think it's just Amazon's corner of the publishing universe that has some justice :o)

    Kindle Press tends to be quick getting books out - maybe a couple of months. Thanks for nominating, Q.

  3. Thank you both. Everyone is being very kind, and I do appreciate it :o)

  4. I am so pleased for you and it's very well-deserved. I can't wait to read the whole book.

  5. Well done, Lexi. I'm just coming to the end of the first draft of my sequel to The Rubicon and might submit it to Kindle Scout when it's a bit more polished. Looking forward to reading Time Rats when it's available. I loved the bit I read.

  6. FH, Kindle Press is pretty quick getting books out. It shouldn't be long :o)

    Suzanne, I would say KS is worth doing as long as you don't set your heart on it too much, as we don't know exactly what sort of book they are looking for. While it's not possible to dodge the disappointment if not chosen, I think KS may be one of those few cases where it's NOT a good idea to commit to the move.

  7. Great news for you, and I was very pleased when I got the email from Amazon that Time Rats 1 had been selected and I would get a free copy.
    I love your books so much I would have paid!
    Ice Diaries is the only book I have ever managed to leave a comment on Amazon!

    1. Thanks for nominating Time Rats 1, Coral :o) I think Amazon's idea is that voters who get a free early copy will write a review if they enjoy the book, and create a buzz for the launch. (Of course, if readers don't like it, one can only hope they skulk silently away...)