Thursday, 2 August 2007

Gold star on Youwriteon

Yesterday my short story, Comforted by Darkness, made the best seller chart on Youwriteon and got its gold star. It's currently at number eight. My other short story, Showing Them, is now at number two.

Comforted by Darkness qualified by staying in the top ten for more than twenty-five days in a three month period. In fact, it was hanging around the lower reaches of the top ten for eighty-three days, which I'm hoping may be a record.

So I'm really pleased.


  1. You should be pleased. Well done. I hope your work gets the attention of an editor or agent who can do you some good.

    As my young employees say, "Woo Hoo!"

  2. Thanks, Alan. I occasionally woohoo myself.

    Leslie (in 'Close Enough for Government Work') is considerably nastier than my cold-eyed baddie, Corfe. I dread to think what his backstory is. Corfe had a deeply unpleasant father and a biddable mother, not that I write about it.

  3. Congratuations on the gold star. Sometimes, the group of reviewers on youwriteon reminds me of a bunch of vipers--staying in the top 10 for that long is especially amazing considering the rash of low reviews being handed out lately. Rest on those laurels. Mary

  4. Thanks, Mary.

    Yes, I've spent months thinking each week it'd be out with the next review. Sometimes it was, but then staggered back in. Each time I had a one-in-eight, I had to use it immediately.

    Tiptoeing through the vipers...

  5. I did very little backstory for Leslie. I wanted an assassin, preferably of the albino variety, a background in mercenary work seemed appropriate, and he needed a cool weapon. He also had to be on the verge of a streak of really bad fortune.

    I hope you are still enjoying the book. When you are finished I am told it serves beautifully at balancing tables with uneven legs.

  6. Yes, I am, and now look forward to Leslie's streak of bad fortune...

    And while levelling out that wobbly table, don't forget, one can double the book's usefulness by pressing flowers between its pages at one and the same time, with a view to creating beautiful and unusual greetings cards to delight one's friends!

  7. Congratulations. You have every right to be chuffed. If it were easy, I would have done that by now. I am insanely jealous.

    (Thinks to himself, "did I say insanely jealous? No, no, I surely said, "I am very happy for you.")