Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Amazon, how could you?

Don't buy your books from Amazon while they behave like this!

Try the Book Depository instead - it's good, with free postage.

Amazon has said that all Print-On-Demand (POD) books in America will now have to be printed through Amazon's printing company BookSurge, or be discriminated against by losing the buy now button. Amazon's share of the profits will rise from 25% to 55%.

Amazon is also going to penalize mainstream publishers who sell their books direct at a discount on their publisher's websites. Amazon is taking that discounted price as the book's "cover price" and then applying their own discounts accordingly.

These are bully-boy tactics from a huge business, which will not benefit either writers or readers. Read more about it on Youwriteon.

Yesterday I ordered Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds from Amazon. It will be the last book I shall buy from them until they change their minds.


  1. Stupid Amazon. I already deleted the link to them from my own book's site.


  2. I quite agree - it's appalling and very discriminatory especially to small publishers.

    I've started using - just as good and free delivery to home, hurrah!


  3. As soon as finish filing my claim against my former employer, I'm removing the Amazon link from my site too.

    They are being poopheads.

  4. Lexi, long time no see! Hope you are well.

    Re this Scamazon business. I think it's totally disgusting and I'm blogging accordingly. Hear hear, YWO.

  5. Lexi, don't know why I was booklover in the last comment. erk. Anyhoo as I was saying Scamazon have a lot to answer for. Up the YWOers!

  6. Maya Reynolds ( has a link to story that says Washington State may start legal action against Amazon.