Monday, 22 September 2008

More Authonomy...

Catch a Falling Star has gone up from 27 to 16 in the Editor's Desk chart on Authonomy.

I'm happy with the new chart. Though the sock puppet people retain most of the unfair advantage they gained, they have all dropped in the charts. It's unreasonable to expect Harper Collins to come up with a perfect ranking system in an imperfect world; this one is now pretty good, and it should be much harder for the next lot of cheats to make it to the top of the chart. So it will get better. And they can always tweak the algorithm.

Well done, Authonomy team, and thank you.


  1. Yes, we all need to be philosophical about the whole thing. For no other reason than it is better for the digestion and general disposition, or at least so I have found.

    They are certainly doing their best to add to the anticipation level with their latest blog ("editors on two continents!").


  2. Alan, we all need to be philosophical about everything all the time.

    I'm working on it. And my novel.