Wednesday, 12 November 2008

When God made time, He made plenty of it... just doesn't seem like that right now.

I'm up to 46,000 words of Catch a Falling Star. I'm aiming for 80,000 words. I can't spend as much time on it as I would like, because apart from my day job, Authonomy is keeping me busy.

Catch a Falling Star is currently at number 14 in the Editor's desk chart, and like a shark that has to keep moving or die, the book has to keep attracting new voters just to stay in the same place. To move up you need (roughly speaking, because the value of votes varies according to the rank of the reader) more than one a day. The best way to entice people to read your book is to read theirs, and comment. I enjoy doing this, but it's terribly time-consuming.

Why bother, I hear you ask, when Harper Collins has not yet (as far as we know) made an offer on a single book on Authonomy?

Well, the best thing about Authonomy, for me, is the huge quantity of enthusiastic comments that have been made about the book. People genuinely seem to enjoy reading it. This has given me real hope it will be publishable when finished.


  1. Hi Lexi
    know exactly what you mean. I've just returned from 4.5 days totally focussed on my WiP (now up to 32k words from 19k last weekend!) - oh and ok, I admit it, the odd five mins on authonomy. I'm so enthused about the new book though - the characters have completely come to life for me. How did I achieve this miraculous feat of productivity? I've been on a writer's retreat - check my blog for details and, no, I'm not on commission. I'm totally inspired by it!

  2. Well done! That's a lot of writing.

    The pace on Authonomy seems to have slowed - I guess everyone is exhausted and flagging. Books aren't moving as fast.

    But it may pick up towards the end of the month.