Sunday, 13 October 2013

The WIP's progress: 60,000 words

Those of you who hang on my every word (and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but shouldn't you get out more?) will have noticed my blog posts have been a tad less frequent of late. The reason is that in my spare time I've been working on my next novel  to the exclusion of much else. 

And today I hit the magic 60,000 word mark, which is my personal point of no return. It's not that all is plain sailing from here to the end of the book; I haven't written the end yet and I'm going to have to change some of what I've already written. It's just that if I get that far, barring accidents and disasters, I'm going to finish the darned thing whatever problems I encounter.

Because it's a lot of work,  attempting to pick the right 60,000 words and get them in the right order.


  1. Excellent! Congratulations!


  2. Because it's a lot of work, attempting to pick the right 60,000 words and get them in the right order.

    Lexi, this reminds me of Eric Morecombe playing Grieg's Piano Concerto with Andre Previn conducting. A musical version of writing a novel?

    Previn tells Eric "You are playing all the wrong notes" at which Eric in a Huff grabs Andre by the lapels saying "I am playing all the right notes but maybe not in the right order ... I give you that sunshine" LOL

    I just know that the new novel will sound wonderful! :)

  3. Thanks, Judith.

    Q, that is my favourite Eric and Ernie sketch and I'm now grinning all over my face having followed your link and watched it again. I had it in mind when I wrote that line :o)

  4. Congraats my dear friend. Hope this book does better than all your previous ones.

  5. Hi Abdullah!

    All an author can do is write the book and hope it will turn out to be sprinkled with fairy dust. You never quite know what readers will take to their hearts.

  6. Good luck, Lexi - onwards and upwards!!