Monday, 6 January 2014

Why isn't an older mitten a mat?

From Donna Wilson
I came across this charming rhyme posted as a comment on a Facebook thread, and can't resist copying it to my blog.

The Kitten sat on the Mitten

And the young of a cat is always a kitten,
but the young of a rat is never a ritten
and conversely a kitten when older's a cat
so why isn't an older mitten a mat?

Michele Brenton, aka Banana the Poet, has published books of her witty and accessible poetry, which you can find (and buy for a modest price) here.


  1. Guess what the collective noun for kittens is? A kindle!

  2. You made that up! Oh, you didn't...

  3. A kindle of kittens! What a cute and cuddly picture that evokes.

    Your post about Banana the Poet makes me realize what a wonder our language is but I'd hate to be learning it as a second language.

  4. I used to employ a French jeweller who said that English was an easy language to learn in spite of its eccentricities, as words have no gender and most of our verbs are really straightforward.

    English is Top Language because it's the best :o)

  5. Glad to hear that 'Wolf Ears' is doing well Lexi.

    English is Top Language because it's the best :o)
    Absolutely! I also thank the Lord that English is the language of science. I have forgotten all that dreadful Latin! LOL

    Thinking about cats brought back memories of living in the Cotswold countryside.

    One day sitting by a log fire with family, our cat came marching through the room and dropped her kindle in my lap. I assume for safe keeping while she went off hunting.

    She licked them all clean and then gave me a few licks and purrs as a thank-you, or perhaps to make sure that I was clean enough to look after kittens. LOL

    The other day I Stumbled across the following evocative poem (anonymous)

    Sandpaper kisses
    On a cheek or a chin -
    That is the way
    for a day to begin!

    Sandpaper kisses
    A cuddle and a purr.
    I have an alarm clock
    That's covered in fur!

    Says it all really! LOL