Friday, 13 November 2009

A modest blogging award which involves some work

Thanks to Sandra Patterson for including me in this harmless ponzi scheme with its delightful floral award (see far left).

It comes at a price: what I have to do is choose seven deserving bloggers, who then:

1. Copy and paste the award picture at the top of this post onto their own blogs, thank the person who gave them the award and post a link to her blog

2. Write seven things about themselves we do not know

3. Choose seven other bloggers to award, link to those bloggers, and notify them.

(Eventually, I guess, every single blogger in the whole world will be the proud possessor of this award.)

Seven Things About Me You Do Not Know
  • I have waved from the window of 10 Downing Street, and was disconcerted when a) the group of children outside all waved back and b) Tony Blair noticed me doing it.

  • I am taller than you think I am.

  • I catch spiders in my flat with a glass and postcard and release them to the wild, or as wild as it gets in Islington. (Did they contribute to the mortgage? No.)

  • I wore black throughout the nineties.

  • My ancestor, Alice Dick, was burnt as a witch.

  • I have to look up practise/practice every time because I never remember which is which.

  • All knowledge of geography was wiped from my brain by an evil geography teacher called Miss Henderson.

    My Seven Chosen Bloggers: all worth a read
  1. Alan Hutcheson
  2. Norm Benson
  3. Spinster of this Parish

  4. Tom Raymond
  5. Katherine Robb

  6. Rod Griffiths

  7. Self-publisher


  1. Now that Pyramid reminds me of "The Lost Symbol"

  2. Haddock, I've just looked up The Lost Symbol on Wikipedia, and read a summary of the plot.

    Goodness me. It's got a bit of everything...did you enjoy it?

  3. Thank you so much for the award, Lexi! It might take me a while to think of seven things about me which might actually be interesting enough to write down, and to find seven blogs to link to that haven't already been nominated (I assume double counting is cheating?) I'll get back to you.

    Poor Alice though. That's a sad story. I wonder what gave her away. Practising mind control on children? Unusual height? Insect familiars? Black clothing? Superior spelling? Inability to name the capital of Chile? Hmmm, anything else you'd like to tell us?!


  4. Less of the false modesty, K! I'm sure there are unsuspected things about you that would make our jaws drop if disclosed.

    This weekend with its torrential rain and gales I haven't had the heart to put the spiders out. There's a large cellar spider wandering around (they are those spindly ones which make a scruffy web and eat other spiders, as they are stronger than they look - possibly they do martial arts). I am resisting giving him a name.

  5. Thanks Lexi. Much appreciated. I shall try to keep blogging so your link isn't wasted!

    Not sure if I'll get seven blogs sorted out myself but I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Sotp,

    Your Best Is All We Ask.

    (Actually, the seven blogs bit does take more time than you would think.)