Friday, 27 November 2009

See the books people buy as they do it!

I am a fan of the Book Depository, because its prices are cheap and delivery is free.

Today I ordered a book on hen-keeping for my daughter as she has the crazy idea of keeping a couple of hens in the garden of her student digs. (I have a nasty feeling they will end up on my Hoxton balcony eating all my plants).

And I discovered they have a live webpage which flags up sales as they occur on a map of the world. Self-sufficiency Hen Keeping flashed up on the screen with a tiny Union Jack, before whizzing off to a James Herriot sale in Australia.

At busy times it's strangely compulsive viewing. I can imagine if one is an author with a popular book out, one would stay riveted to it for hours, counting the sales.

Take a look, here.


  1. Thanks a lot, Lexi! You’ve gone and introduced me to yet another internet based time drain. It is absolutely compulsive for someone like me who not only enjoys gazing at maps, but also likes to speculate about the domestic dramas unfolding around the world.

    Pity the frazzled parent who just ordered ‘The Toddler’s Busy Book’; will they get through the weekend before it arrives? Wonder about the grammatical argument which may have inspired a purchase of ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ in Spain. Feel the fear of the mushroom hunter in Canada who’s just ordered ‘Mushrooms of Northern America’ alongside a medical dictionary.

    All of human life is there. And they all get free delivery.

  2. You've worried me now about that Canadian mushroom hunter. I'm picturing him, back in his kitchen after a day's fungus gathering, frowning and looking uncertainly from one book to the other. I may fret.

    What about the fantasy of watching one's own book popping up on the map every three minutes? I like something preposterous to daydream about myself.

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