Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Final decision! (Possibly...)

Right. This is the title, and this is the cover.

Almost certainly.

I think.

*clears throat*

Actually, no, it's REMIX.


  1. "Return to rock" isn't so bad, I think I would have to read the synosis to know it's rock-n-roll/music and not a place or a person

    I do like the idea of "return" since works well with what the story is about

  2. Lissa, thanks. I'm silly to get in a tizz about this; not finding the oh-yes-this-is-IT title, I have to go for Best of the Rest.

  3. What's the hurry? Less than 24 hours seems like a rather short time for a contest, eh?

  4. I would read this. I love the cover. Maybe because I love houses? The covers that I DON'T like are the ones with close up shots of women and girls faces, supposedly the main character. Good luck with your book!

  5. Return to Rock!!

    :-) It's different - it's got rock in it and I feel like doing my headbanging and playing air guitar! :-)

    I think it works. I'll need to get used to it as I'm so used to Heart of Rock!

    Take care

  6. Hmm. It's a bit Status Quo-ish. I've read a fair chunk of your book and I'm not 100% convinced this captures it...

    I think Timber's right. Give it more time.

  7. I'm intrigued, and interested in reading your first two novels. And I like the title, Return to Rock, and the lovely "obligatory shot" of you by your bookcase. You look like a beautiful, fascinating character in a fantasy novel.

  8. I know I'm late to this party. But how about...

    Alive and Rocking


  9. You're all being very kind and helpful. It's appreciated.

    In future I may decide on the title before I write the book.

    Just Some Guy...

  10. Covers and titles are a totally black art. There are people who study this stuff, but I'm not one of them. So for what little it's worth...

    The image quality and the photography is superb.

    You've obviously studied covers in the stores, because the layout looks just right.

    You'll probably hate me forever for suggesting the next bit, but since you asked...this cover says "literary" to me. Possibly even YA. It doesn't say mystery or romance. For mystery/suspence you could put your down-and-out rock guy staring at her through the window in the background. For romance you might put him in the room, standing behind her.

    Either way, without the hero on the cover, this could look like a coming of age story.

    Any chance of getting an electric guitar propped against one of the work benches? Or maybe propped against the white wall beside her head.

    The title says rock music, the cover says rocking horses. Could the link be made more obvious? Book covers are not the time to be subtle.

    The slightly heavier title font of the first two posts looks better to my eye than the third.

    Probably none of those comments will help, but I hope it all works out beautifully for you, Lexi. I wonder if you have a future in cover design.

  11. To be honest these are the types of covers I pass by on the bookshelf. They have that "I did it myself look" and I rarely go for a cover that has photography on the cover, especially if its a fiction book, and looking like stock photography on top of it.

    That is of course my personal preference and bias. It takes a lot to pull me into a fiction book and the cover, sad to say, is the first draw. (unless it has been recommend beforehand)

    I do like the placement of the text in the lower half of the cover and the font, the title is ok.

  12. Thanks Gary. The genre is commercial fiction, with elements of mystery and romance.

    The guitar - I wanted one half in shot, just where you say against the white wall on the right, but wasn't able to lay my hands on one in time. I'll see if there's anything I can do about it.

    I also wanted a Ric Kealey stand-in, but don't know any unfeasibly gorgeous males.

    Chris, there are an awful lot of novels with photographs on the cover in the bookshops just now. In fact, you'd be hard put to find one without. One surprise to me was just how quickly fashions in book covers change.

  13. Lexi -

    I didn't necessarily mean all photography just those that have certain look. I can look at my shelf right now and see three that incorporate photos in some manner on the cover.

    I think, for me, its the type of photographic, the way it was shot, and the subject matter. Maybe, if there was some editing done to it, a softening of the background, a better focus on the bokeh, or a color shift it would help.

    But this is, however, a matter of taste and nothing else. art and its aesthetics are very subjective.

  14. Lol.

    I've done a LOT of editing of that photograph - it's nice to know it isn't obvious.

  15. Ooh! I've got it! The perfect title.


    "Where'd I Put That Damn Chair"!

    Problem solved.

  16. I know you've decided on something now, but can't believe I (or someone else) didn't think of this yesterday: The Comeback.

  17. Alan, if you're going to be silly come and sit at the front where I can keep an eye on you...

    Oli, alas I am far from decided. I like your ideas, but so does Dick Francis (are you chanelling him?) That's the problem, every good title I come up with I check on Amazon books, and there it bally well is.

  18. Lexi, duplicate titles are not an issue, especially if the genre is different. Many books have the same title and no one gets fussed about it. Just pick the very best title for your work.

    If it helps, I'm willing to volunteer for the unfeasibly gorgeous male role...

  19. Gary, I've hit on one I think I'll like when I'm used to it, that hasn't been used, that the daughter approves (and she's very picky) and that is relevant to the story.


    An alternative version of a song, made from an original version. The murder three years before the book opens happens after a row at a remixing session; and by the end, Ric gets a slightly different version of his old life back.

    I'd take you up on that offer, were you not on Australia.

  20. Fine, how does Remix match the cover? The cover and title need to complement each other. One or the other needs to change. IMHO.

  21. Titles that match the cover:
    Rocking out
    Rocking back
    Rocking again
    On the rocker

    Just sayin

  22. Norm, both the title and the image relate to the story, if in different ways. That'll do me.

  23. I really, really like Remix.

  24. Oh good. Me too.

    Thanks to everyone for thinking up names - it helped, even though I didn't use them :o)