Monday, 26 July 2010

Name my book

As suggested by Norm, I'm asking my trusty blog readers to come up with a better title for my book than Heart of Rock.

The original title was Catch a Falling Star, then Jade Goody used it, so I had to find a new one. Although there is no copyright on titles, it's an advantage to have a unique one so people can find it on Amazon.

Left is the cover, and here is a brief synopsis:

Ric Kealey is the charismatic lead singer of ├╝ber-successful band, The Voices in my Head – and he died three years ago. Caz Tallis restores rocking horses in her Hoxton studio. When Ric turns up, shabby and alive, on Caz’s roof terrace, she is drawn into investigating the murder that led him to fake his own death.

The prize for a title I use? I will name a character in my next book after you, or give your pet a walk-on part.


  1. Well there is an obvious double meaning in Rick being a rock singer who needs restoring and Caz being a rocking horse restorer... how to tie them together... Rocking Restoration? The Return of the Rocker? Rocker Restored? Hm...

  2. Er... the Fallen Star? One Starry Night?

    For some reason I'm focusing on the word Star!


    take care

  3. I do like 'catch a falling star', don't know about Goody's book though

    my suggestions :
    - caz's fall
    - caz's rocking horses
    - runaway horses

    I am suddenly reminded of a Jann Arden song," Shooting Horses" which I don't think it's related to your book at all, it just came up, I think something to do with horses and how they run wild like your Ric character

  4. Keep it up guys, I'm counting on one of us having a lightbulb moment.

    There are so many words out there...

  5. Catch a Falling Star is a great title and it's a pity you feel you can't use it.

    I like Kitty's Fallen Star and Starry Night too.

    Stardust? Starlight? Stars in her eyes?

    Although I like the book cover, I'm not sure how well it suggests the actual story of the book. But that may not matter!

  6. Wild Horses? Or just Caz. Short and snappy.

  7. The Merry-Go-Round Murder
    Rocking Deadly
    Rocking Murder
    Rocking Tall
    The Dead Rocker
    Dead Rocker, Dead Ringer

  8. Thank you, everyone. Some interesting ideas here...

    I'm waiting for the one we all say ooh yes about.

    Believed Dead
    Return to Rock

  9. Rocking the Dead
    Dead Man Rocking
    The Rocking Horse Detective

  10. I like Timberati's The Rocking Horse Detective!

  11. Unless I get a title right off I really struggle with them... so you have my every sympathy with this.

    On a more positive note, the book I wrote before TAR - ALL THAT HAPPENED WITH ALICE - was due to be submitted without a title. Then, 48 hours before it was about to go, the title came to me in a flash (and looked as if it had been there forever). So don't give up. You never know when inspiration will strike.

    As for the titles above - I like Norm's suggestion: DEAD ROCKER.


  12. I'm going with REMIX, I think.

    Briefly, it was Just Some Guy, but I bequeath that to you for your autobiography.

    Some Guy is even better...