Monday, 27 September 2010

Life rankings

Like most authors with a book on Amazon - in my case, the Kindle version of Remix, I'm obsessed with my book's ranking in the chart. As I write, Remix is #1 in Contemporary Romance, #21 in Adult and Contemporary Romance, and #259 overall. By the time you look, it could be anything.

Those charts have the power to make one elated or downcast, and unless one's book is sitting at #1 in every possible chart, there is always something to wish for. And if one's book was at #1 in every chart, one would wish for it to stay there forever. [Note to self: must try to be more like Dalai Lama or Marcus Aurelius.]

Which made me realize how lucky we are there are few overt rankings in life, once one has left school. (JK Rowling's primary school teacher arranged the class in order of her perception of their intelligence; JKR was near the bottom, and never forgave her.)

Imagine if we were able to view our rankings, changing on an hourly basis, for our success as an earner, a parent, a spouse, a driver, a lover; if there were marks for looks, which dipped when your hair needed a wash or you had a nasty cold, or for niceness, which dived every time you were sharp with a telephone salesperson.

We'd never get anything done.


  1. Yay!! I can pre-order a signed copy of Remix!!!! Fabulous!!

    I'd hate to have a rankings chart of me as a person on a daily basis... I'd be a basket case!


    Take care

  2. What a brilliant idea for a story! Just think what it would be like living in a society where your ranking was visible to all and could be called up just like the amazon ranking!

    By the way, congratulations on how well your book is going. A well-deserved success.

  3. Thanks, Kitty and FairyH - I'm sure you would both be right at the top of the charts if we had them :o)

  4. Ooh, how exciting, Lexi! I hope it does well.
    How are the sales going so far? And when do you get paid royalties?

  5. Sandra, my total paid sales of ebooks (that's not counting my introductory free coupon downloads on Smashwords) all formats, US and UK since 9th August are 62, which I find encouraging.

    I've got three pre-orders for the paperback, out soon.

    No idea when I get paid - at this stage I'm more interested in attracting readers :o)

  6. That's great news on Remix's chart positions, Lexi! Congratulations.

    Can't wait for the paperback version...


  7. fairyhedgehog, that is a splendid idea about making that into a story.

    Lexi, get on that, will you?

    It is true that constantly checking one's book rankings (and it's worse when your stuff is available in multiple places) can be, at its worst, paralyzing.

    However I have to say that is was a kick,after having a look at Remix, to check out Boomerang at Amazon UK and find it has finally registered a sale for the ebook. Made a day otherwise remarkable for a smashed couple of fingers and a mild case of stomach flu and gave me something positive.

    Now if I could just keep from going back to check it out every hour or two.

  8. Yes, it's the hope of getting a reward that keeps one going back to check one's rankings. The uncertainty makes it all the more addictive.

    Alan, I hope your poor fingers and tum recover swiftly.

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