Thursday, 11 November 2010

My first author interview

I fear I'm boasting again.

Simon Royle, author of soon-to-be-published futuristic thriller Tag, interviewed me for his blog, and I realized I've never been interviewed before in my capacity as a writer. Simon read Remix, too, and said he enjoyed it and it made him laugh out loud.

To see my moment of fame, go here.


  1. It's a good interview. I'm happy to hear about the new book you're working on.

  2. Thanks; the new book is going nicely, if slowly compared to the progress of you NaNoWriMoers.

  3. That's because *whispers* some of us are not writing real books.

    Don't tell anyone!

  4. Lol! What are you writing, a very long shopping list?

  5. ROFL I haven't laughed that much in a while!

    Technically, it's a novella I suppose at 50,000 - but it's repetitive, nonsensical and doesn't make much sense. I can't imagine any amount of editing that would make it readable.

    Other than that it's great.

    *still giggling*

  6. Yay!! I enjoyed your interview!!! I hope you're still swearing away like a good un!! LOL!!

    Take care

  7. Kitty, it's dreadful - one minute I'm telling the offspring not to swear, the next, under the influence of characters I created, I'm worse than she is.

    I suppose it's who one spends time with...

    FH, seems to me by the time you've filled in the gaps and made it coherent, what you will have is a novel. You're clearly in denial about it.

  8. Great interview, Lexi!

    Your new book sounds great- I'll be on the lookout!

  9. Thanks, Grace - it'll be a while. But I like the way An Unofficial Girl is shaping up.

  10. You didn't swear once during the interview. Were you just behaving yourself because we were in public?

    All joking aside, great interview, I truly did enjoy the book and am looking forward to, 'An Unofficial Girl'.

  11. Simon, I was on my very best behaviour :o)

    A site promoting quality indie books is meeting a need that can only grow.

  12. Great interview! Looking forward to the next book, Lexi.

  13. Thanks, Talli, and good luck with The Hating Game when it comes out.

  14. Hi Lexi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! If you want to do any more interviews or maybe a guest post, let me know. I'd love to share your secrets for success with my readers. :)


  15. Hi Lindsay! I've just rescued your comment from the spam bin - no idea why it went there.

    Interview, guest post - yes please!