Tuesday, 9 November 2010

News round-up

This is going to be a bitty blog post about this and that.

First, I was tickled pink to read this fabulous review of Remix in The Romance Reviews, written by Michelle R. Her one reservation was that she would have liked more 'deets between the sheets'. I have to admit I favour letting the reader do most of the work in this area. I reckon if I've made the characters live on the page, readers will know how they make love. But I might attempt a little more in the current book. My daughter will tell me if it doesn't work, kindly but firmly the way she does.

Remix has now been in the UK Kindle top 100 for twenty-seven days; highest position 14. It has seventeen reviews, fifteen 5-star, two 4-star. I've sold over a thousand ecopies on Amazon. I'm rather pleased.

I'm pressing ahead with the WIP, An Unofficial Girl. It's currently at 30,500 words, and the plot is thickening nicely. Beth has found a derelict flat to move into. The real flats I explored in March 0n which hers is based have been sold, properly fenced off, and now have builders busy completing them.


  1. A thousand copies. That's brilliant. Well done.

    I agree with you about the deets in the sheets.

    Lexi, are you at all tempted to resubmit Remix to agents?Will you sub AUG or e-publish?

  2. Justine, I shall not be resubmitting Remix to agents. They had their chance :o)

    With An Unofficial Girl, I plan to epublish and submit to agents at the same time.

  3. That's brilliant and well-deserved! I'm so pleased. I'll be able to say that I knew you before you were famous!

  4. I'm on chapter 4 and I'm loving every word of it!! Yes, I am that slow a reader!! LOL!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay!!!!! Well done!!

    Deets between the sheets?!?!? Is that some kind of nudge-nudge wink-wink, say no more type of deets?!?!?

    Take care

  5. FH, keep waving that magic wand.

    Kitty, it is indeed one of those nudge-nudge wink-wink say no more type of deets...

  6. Well done on the sales, Lexi! Great stuff.

    The deets between the sheets seems a little prurient to me. My characters always make love fully dressed and with all the lights off to avoid this problem.

  7. Lol. I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory this week, when a couple were interrupted as they kissed passionately under the duvet. Luckily, when they got up, turned out they were fully kitted out in shorts, T shirts, the lot. Maybe the central heating had failed...

  8. Well done, Lexi. Your sales are impressive and I hope they continue!

    All the best,


  9. Thought you might like this article in relation to the 'deets between the sheets' discussion...


  10. Thanks, Guy, though I disagree with a lot of the opinions in that article. 'Cinical and precise' - isn't that more suited to a doctor's surgery than a novel?

    This article is more helpful, I think: