Sunday, 13 March 2011

Writing the ending

I am SO near the end of Unofficial Girl - 79,728 words and counting - and can't wait to finish and start tweaking and polishing and sending it out to beta readers.

Usually I find the end of a novel easy to write, because I don't start writing a book until I know how it will end. The last couple of chapters are the home stretch. But with Unofficial Girl, I made a last minute decision to change the end, thus making it much more challenging.

I just hope readers like it...

Sorry for this rather short post, I need to get back to the WIP.


  1. Great News, Lexi Can't wait to read it

  2. Of course I'd love to read this!! I enjoyed Remix so this is bound to be just as good!!! Yay!! Well done you! take care

  3. Aha!! As I said the other day, new books sounds great... so glad it will be kindled..... cannot wait to read it if its anywhere near as good as Remix.... nice chatting the other day.... x

  4. If you. Are looking for readers, count me in

  5. Thanks, Rod.

    I have a doctor friend whose advice I have asked for this novel - perhaps you will be able to check if I've garbled the info he's given me.

    He did say that the film Source Code sounded a lot less probable than Unofficial Girl.

  6. How exciting.
    And the cover looks great!

    I'm pretty sure that your mirror images look more interesting than two identical faces would.

    If you would like a scientific perspective on anything, I would be happy to have a look. I have authored many scientific papers, mainly condensed matter theory, so may be able to help, even if its not a quantum mechanical issue! *grin*

  7. Quantum, I fear you will scoff at any 'science' in the book. But you're on, as long as you crit for general entertainment as well.

  8. Delighted to Lexi.

    I write short stories for my own amusement, and to entertain my Grand. I also read a great deal of fiction for relaxation.

    I think that the entertainment value of suspense novels is greatly enhanced if the skulduggery is kept scientifically plausible.

    Thinking for example of Michael Palmer's medical suspense novels. These benefit hugely from his knowledge and insight as a medic IMO.

    So strictly judging entertainment value, looking to keep everything plausible. And not expecting to necessarily be agreed with! *LOL*

  9. Great news, Lexi. Am sure you only changed the ending because the new one is better!

    How long has it taken you to write, and what news on the race against Richie D?


  10. Thanks, q. You sound eminently qualified.

    K, I hope you are right. If the betas all hate it, I'll just have to rewrite the end.

    It's been about a year since I started, and much harder going than Remix because of switching povs with each chapter.

    Richie D has gone quiet - perhaps I have sneaked up on him. When I reach the end, I'll email him.

  11. Yeehaah good to hear, I'm also in the last stages of my short story, only two chapters to go and the cover is actually finished first.

  12. I trust it will be on Kindle for us poor souls in exile in far away lands where postmen are still unheard of?

  13. Gregory, that sounds rather a long short story...

    Mark, UG will indeed be available for Kindle - the doubt hangs over whether to do a paperback. We have postmen in London, but they do seem challenged by getting mail through the correct letter box. Funny, they used to be able to do this.

  14. Really looking forward to it! I'm sure it will be a great read

  15. Thanks, FH and Oracle.

    Fingers crossed.

  16. When it's ready for review, I'd love to take a look ;) Congrats on being so close to the finish line!!

  17. Thanks, Grace, I'll be in touch when I'm happy with it :o)

  18. Hi Lexi,

    I just read the start of your first draft of the subject novel and I must say that the "hook" for this one is outstanding. I love the plot as it has been revealed to this point, and to be quite honest, I've found it very hard to deal with the idea that I'll now have to wait for who knows how long to read the rest. This appears to be one of those novels that simply can't be put down until it is finished and I want more, right now!

    I think it's safe to say that if you can maintain the pacing and suspense that you've created in the sample, you're going to have a real hit on your hands.

    I came across your web site after reading some of your comments regarding ebook piracy (Telegraph blog site). That led me to check out which, in turn, led me to your blog! So, I suppose that you can now state that ebook piracy has increased your readership, at least by one, as I am now planning to buy all of your books. However, I think you should know that (US) only offers Remix at this time. Perhaps you should address this as you are, no doubt, losing sales.

    I see, from your blog, that you're nearing the end of this latest book, and I would be happy to serve as a beta reader - and equally happy to pay for the privilege. This is primarily due to my inability to wait for the retail version, but, having edited several online magazines in the early days of the WWW, I feel confident that I could offer some useful feedback, as well. And besides, I'm going to read it anyway.

    Once again, this sample is really good.

    Thanks for posting it,

  19. Hi William,

    Thanks for your encouraging remarks. I do hope others agree with you - and that I've got the rest of the book right. One of the main reasons for using beta readers is so they can tell me if any parts of the book lag, so I can fix it before publishing. I'd be very grateful if you would read and comment for me. Email me at and I'll send it to you. Your views will be payment enough :o)

    Though I've written two books before Remix, that's the only one I've published as yet.