Monday, 28 March 2011

How to Fully Enjoy Popular Fiction, by Scott Meyer

I'm frantically busy, so here is a cartoon to amuse you instead of a post. Click to enlarge.


  1. That's fun!

    On a totally different topic, have you seen this? It's a bit early for April 1st...

  2. Goodness. Anything with a graph attached is immediately more credible...but that comment is right, all indies know Amazon only lets you change things once every 48 hours.

  3. I thought it was fun, though. For me the giveaway was

    At the end of the experiment she collapsed and was taken to the hospital for dehydration and severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

    It definitely smelt of an early April Fool's joke!

  4. Frantically busy completing An Unofficial Girl, hopefully?

    And making the rest of us feel guilty for reading your blog instead of writing ourselves. :-)

  5. fairyhedgehog and lexi!!!!! LOL!!! Rongbuk!! Scott Meyer! LOL!!!

    Will the madness never end!?!? I hope not! :-) Take care

  6. Mark, one has to read blogs to keep in touch and up to date; it is a duty. Yup, I'm tweaking UG and working on the cover.

    Kitty, will you be having an April Fool joke on your blog? Perhaps we all should...