Friday, 23 February 2018

TIME RATS 3 is on Kindle Scout

It's that all too rare occasion when I have completed a new book. Hurrah! This one is Future Warrior, (Time Rats Book 3).

Normally I post when I reach the magic 60,000 word count, my personal point of no return; but perhaps with this novel being the last in a trilogy, I found the final few chapters hard to write so went a bit quiet. I had a particular struggle with the villain's come-uppance, and I'd tell you about it except it would be a terrible spoiler. You'll probably understand why when you read it. Here's the ebook cover:

In this book the timeline has switched and Liam Roth, instead of being the rich and successful owner of a vast internet gambling empire, is struggling to make ends meet working as a barista and living in a grotty high-rise. And you get to meet Quinn's son, Cato, in 2063.

As with the first two Time Rats novels, I've put it on Kindle Scout for a thirty day campaign to see whether Kindle Press wants to publish it. If they do, and you've nominated it, you will get a free copy of the ebook when it comes out. To nominate TR3, go here.

If it's not selected I'll self-publish it immediately, and have an introductory price of 99p for a few days. Sign up for my mailing list and I'll let you know. (I should say my mailing list is only ever used to tell fans I have a new book out.)


  1. Lexi, Congrats on completing your first trilogy ... you must be very proud!

    I read the kindle Scout extract and liked the idea of android librarians, though not sure about engineering the timeline .... would require vast amounts of energy and I imagine it would really require the Creator of the universe to actually do it.

    Intrigued by your comment about the villain. I'm guessing that you have used feminine wiles to lure him through the event horizon of a black hole ... can't wait to find out. LOL

    I like the cover. The woman's face looks somehow familiar. 😊

    1. Q, I hadn't thought of that - my first trilogy! Woop woop! I was more focused on how long the last book took me to write. My next novel is likely to be a standalone. Re Quinn, I can say that no event horizons or black holes are involved - apart from that, my lips are sealed :o)