Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Machine With No Name...

Actually the new MFP has two names; the Nameless One, and my daughter insists on calling him, no, it, Buttons.

I printed out Rising Fire (in case the workshop burns down) and the print quality in places is not as crisp as Percy's. I shall try hitting the Best button next time. Personally, I think we should all do our best all the time, and not require a special button for it.

The Nameless One and I are not yet in perfect harmony.

Unbelievably, Pootle the robotic vacuum cleaner has stopped working. He's going back under warranty tomorrow.


  1. I am sorry about Pootie. I should say a robot prayer for him. Something like 'give us this day, our daily microchip...'

  2. Well, I can't say you didn't warn me.

    Three robot vacuums - a triumph of hope over experience...

  3. Lexi,

    Is Pootie a Roomba? That's one of the things we sell at my store. Before you trudge back to the store check out the following:

    Take the beater bar and brush off and clear them of anything that might be wrapped around and/or obstructing them. While you have those off, clean the little brass colored discs that are underneath them, those are sensors that can screw things up if they aren't cleaned every once in a while.

    Check the wheels to make sure there isn't accumulated carpet thread or the like wrapped around or under them or their axles.

    Take a can of compressed air and blow out the entire underside, especially any cavities. Include the little "windows" on the bumper on the front of the Roomba.

    Then, after you've used up a good thirty or forty minutes with this fruitless exercise, you can, with good conscious, take it back to the store.

    The printer looks nifty but scary.

    I like pencils.


  4. Thanks, Alan. It is a Roomba. I pick it over every time I use it, because I, Minty and the rocking horses all have long hair. I have tweezers, scalpels, you name it.

    I've spoilt that robot.

    Actually, I now have a theory that the stress generated by Minty's exams is blowing all the electronics within ten yards.

  5. You are a model robot master indeed. This morning a woman brought in a nearly three year old Roomba, claiming it was acting in a spastic manner and demanding an exchange (she did purchase a three year guarantee). I looked on the underside and could barely see the beater bristles for all the hair wrapped around them. The filter had never been emptied and when I took it outside to give it a blast or three of compressed air, the cloud of stuff that came out would have choked a buzzard and triggered asthma in a water buffalo. It works fine now.

    I need a robot that detects and cleans dog whiz. Thank goodness we have hard flooring throughout the house, because I have not been able to get Odie to stop marking his territory. Always the same three places. I love my dachshund, but the fella needs a therapist and I can't afford that.

    Is Minty your daughter? And I must ask, is that her given name or a very nice term of endearment?


  6. She’ll be back in three years’ time for you to clean it out again for her, mark my words.

    Re Odie – you no doubt know this, or have tried it and it doesn’t work, but I read somewhere you shouldn’t clean up after animals with cleaning products containing ammonia, as to a dog, the smell is similar. I think bicarb was recommended, then you feed him in that area so he no longer thinks of it as a dog loo. (I must stress this is third-hand untried advice).

    Minty is short for Araminta. She is currently doing A levels and other testing exams. It’s taking a lot out of both of us.



  7. I've never heard the bit about feeding the woofer at the scene of the crime. I'll try anything.
    Lately I've just been reduced to muttering vague and emtpy threats, cleaning up the pee (no ammonia) and then inviting him up to my lap for some serious forgiveness time.

  8. So, has Pootle cash in its (micro)chips?

  9. I am still waiting to hear.

    There is the possibility that we will recieve a Pootle substitute back in place of the original.

    Pootle 2.