Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Now I think this could be fun...

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

If, like me, you have a novel that, unaccountably, has not yet been pounced on with cries of delight by the publishing industry, this may be your opportunity.

They will accept 5,000 entries; you send your completed novel, and the first 5,000 word extract. Up to a thousand writers will be selected for the short list, then the extracts will go online for the public to vote for. Eventually, three contestants will go to New York for a prizegiving, and the lucky winner will be published by Penguin. It sounds as though Penguin will consider publishing the runners-up, too, if they are good enough.

Take a look at Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest (not the snappiest of titles) for details.


  1. The question then is, are you going to be throwing your proverbial hat in the ring?

  2. Yes.

    I've registered, and I'm tweaking my blurb.

    Why not?

  3. Why not, indeed?

    I don't have a complete novel that I would send to an agent yet.

    Which one(s) are you submitting?

  4. You're only allowed one.

    I'm putting Trav in. Youwriteoners like the start of Trav, which is encouraging.

  5. Gee,

    Wish I had something completed besides the ol' CEGW. I have redone that one since the POD came out, but probably not substantially enough to qualify under their rules. Poop.

  6. Frustrating for you, Alan, and it would be nice for me having a friend entering too. But if it's a success, they are bound to do it again next year.

    And I don't see why it shouldn't succeed: okay, it must be expensive for them (getting all those extracts read) but it's probably worth it in terms of the crowds it'll draw to Amazon.

  7. Best of luck with it, Lexi. Sounds like a great opportunity.

    Fingers crossed for you!


  8. Thanks, Nik and HJ.

    I trust I can count on your votes should I get to that stage?

    (I'm starting canvassing right now. Never too soon).

  9. Like they say in Chicago, "Vote Early and Vote Often"

    You just let us know, and the campaign machine will roll.

  10. You have my (and possibly Mary's) vote. When you're rich and famous, maybe we can come over and exploit your wealth.

    BTW, the new epi-soda of Harry Splutter and the Lure of Hollyweird is out with several new characters.

  11. Thank you both.

    If I ever get rich and famous, you are welcome to come over and exploit it.

    I will now inspect the new Harry Splutter.