Tuesday, 30 October 2007

My ABNA Blog

Take a look in case it's removed by the authorities!
I'm the proud owner of an Amazon blog that I don't think I'm entitled to. They seem to be just for authors who have a book selling on Amazon, or the Chosen One Thousand in due course.

But I thought it would be a good promotional tool for my profile page. So I tinkered about, clicked here and there, filled in this and that, gave up - and it appeared on my page. Woohoo!

You can see it here.

The cartoon I use for my Amazon profile is by my daughter. I like it so much I'm putting it here as well.


  1. Lexi,

    Having seen only three grainy photos of you, it appears to be a perfect likeness.


    My heart goes out to you man. Xmas music 10 hours/day! That is against the Geneva Accord. There ought to be a law. Mary and I traveled to Puerto Rico at Christmas a few years back. Airport Xmas music is the cheesiest. It reeks.

    See if you can find some Renaissance or Baroque titles of the season. Holly and the Ivy perhaps.

  2. Norm,

    It is.


    Poor you.

  3. Thanks for the sympathy, but really, it's not like I didn't have some part in creating this situation, so until I can figure a way out that doesn't involve bankrupting the family it's "Always look on the bright side of life...whistle and so forth ala Monty Python".

    I'd rather play the original cast album of "Spamalot" than most Christmas CDs. Maybe I'll sneak in a bit of "Sweeney Todd" while I'm at it.

    The young lady who used to be my assistant manager and then took a voluntary demotion so she could go back to school (that sounds very tempting) absolutely loves Xmas music and can't wait for us to kick it into gear. She's young and enthusiastic and really quite lovely in many ways, but I regard this as a serious personality defect, one that quite possibly will land her in jail or the lunatic asylum someday.


    I love that sketch your daughter did. That is a real keeper.

    Off to carve a pumpkin and put rubber snakes in it's head. Can you say Medusa?


  4. Alan,

    I LOVE the Medusa pumpkin idea!

    I once sprayed rubber snakes gold and stitched them into a long red wig for a Medusa costume for Minty. Spectacular, though I say it myself.

    Minty is a terrific cartoonist. Comes from years of reading The Beano.