Thursday, 1 November 2007

Trav Zander gets gold star on YWO

My novel has made it to the Best Sellers Chart on Youwriteon...

How often does one get a really nice surprise? Nasty ones are much more frequent. But I had one today when I logged in to Youwriteon to discover Trav Zander had made it to the peaceful waters of the Best Seller Chart, where the strife and uncertainty of peer review is over and past.

You can read the first 9,000-odd words of it here, should you want to.


  1. Sweet?

    You'll be patting me on the head next!

    (Or would, but for all that water between us).

  2. "Sweet" is an exclamation of delight and/or wonderment. I believe a passing familiarity with that cultural phenomenon "Napoleon Dynamite" may be helpful.

    Not sure if that movie made its way acrost the pond.

  3. Kudos! I am envious and I also want a dragon.

  4. Alan, I'm not sure whether 'Napoleon Dynamite' came here, but 'sweet' isn't in general use that way, so maybe not.

    Norm, if I could locate a source of dragons, I'd have a new, lucrative career, and there'd be an awful lot of them around, bothering Health and Safety executives. Which would be another good reason to introduce them...

  5. Thanks, Anne.

    I shall consider myself hugged.

  6. Well done you... All your hard work wasn't in vain.

    Thank you for your kind comment about my climb in the YWO chart. I keep checking to see if it has dropped down... Now I'm spending less time working and more time worrying.;-(

    Best wishes and good luck

  7. Yes, Annie, and it's not just you; everyone becomes a compulsive chart-checker when doing well on YWO!

    I think it's because there's a lot of luck involved, as well as (obviously) merit.

  8. I had five books in the YWO best seller charts, and forced them to remove them after a gruesome critique of the last one by some ack called Michael Leggat. May he be forced to eat his words at a later date...