Friday, 29 August 2008

Authonomy 3

AUTHONOMY, Harper Collins' new writers' website, is out of beta!

You can look at it (and join) here.

Update: apparently, I may be being premature (thanks, Alan). If you can't get access to the site, then I am. My apologies.


  1. Gosh, already!?! Must go and look!



  2. Not sure it's quite official yet, but the beta signs have gone...

  3. They still have beta info when you click on "Learn More". My guess is that it is still in beta and will be at least until the first month is sorted out.

  4. Oh, and I do hope they are putting some resources into correcting a problem with updating ones entries. I haven't been able to update any of my stuff for three days now. Was hoping to tweak the opening of Boomerang just in case an editor actually takes a glance at it, but keep getting bumped back to the home page. I resorted to posting the prologue and first chapter on my own blog, just in case I can entice anyone to wander over that way.

    This is all too nerve-wracking