Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Authonomy chart is here!

Authonomy (Harper Collins' new website for tyro writers) is still in beta, but today, to huge excitement, the charts appeared on the site.

My first novel, Torbrek...and the Dragon Variation is at number one on the chart!

Now I know I had a big advantage by being one of the first members on the site, when we all rushed round reading each other's books, and I've also been active, which makes your books noticed. But I'm still as pleased as Punch and Judy.

(I'm also number one commenter - I was at two; it's a rolling chart - which means, I think, that I backed more successful books than anyone else. I don't yet fully understand the system).


  1. Is this going to be a slow moving ten days or what?

    As you moved up as a perceptive hit-finder, I moved down. I guess it's because of the latest book I put on my watchlist, but I still like it anyway. It's called "Framed: A Murder and a Movie" and I found it to be a whole lot of well-written fun.

    I'll keep an eye on the rankings whilst you sleep, Lexi, and trust you'll do the same for me.


  2. Lexi, I was very happy to see your book at the number one slot at Authonomy. Though some might take exception to the way things are going, I truly believe your book belongs right there where it is. Congratulations. I hope this will eventually mean a book contract for you. (Am I thinking too far ahead?)

  3. Well done, Lexi - fabulous news!


  4. Alan, who knows, the book you're backing may be the Next Big Thing, and you'll whizz up again.

    Reb, thank you - but not sure I agree! There are some brilliant books below mine on the chart. Not that I'm complaining.

    One of which, Anne, is Maloney's Law - the copy I ordered hasn't arrived yet, and I'm impatient.

  5. Yes, sorry, Lexi - it takes ages, I know - the curse of being POD from the States, sadly ...

    D'ya know, one day, just one day, it would be so nice to find a publisher who did litho!

    Many apologies again



  6. Awesome, Lexi!

    I'm going to get around to reading some of Torbrek ASAP.

  7. Thanks, Nik and SL.

    Though, SL, it doesn't compare to finding an enthusiastic agent. Well done!

  8. Hi Lexi, I can't find your email address. Mine is lorraine at lorrainemace dot com

  9. Well done Lexi. I was pleased as punch to see so many good folk in the top five. (That includes you Alan so no blushing.)