Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Getting ratty on forums...

I've been dropping in to the Authonomy forum, to find out what's going on, promote Catch a Falling Star and chat.

All human life is there; people who make you laugh out loud, people you really get to like and a few obnoxious people. And the point of this post is to say; why do people think they can change anyone else's opinion on a message board? It's a rare thing to change someone's mind at the best of times, but the speed with which antagonism builds up on a forum has to be seen to be believed.

It's a bit like the way drivers get extra aggressive when in their cars. And it's a mistake to get involved. I'm sure all my readers agree, the sensible course of action is to ignore and wander off. Don't feed the trolls.


  1. I try not to rubberneck when a smashup occurs on one of those. Best not to get involved.

  2. Just so, Norm.

    Nice metaphor.

    *sigh* Why aren't I better at metaphors?

  3. Practice making them up. Mary and I once wrote a list of stuff like, "it was so cold..." You get the idea.

    Gather. You being a writer and all, must collect them when you hear them. Perhaps you can upgrade to funnier and glibber non-writer friends.

    Read/Emulate (poorly at first)
    Last, read Raymond Chandler. His Marlowe series is full of allusions.

    I don't have any idea if I'm right, but what do we have to lose by trying?

  4. When I try to make up metaphors, they come out lamer than a ... lame person.

    I love Raymond Chandler.

    Fighting's broken out on the YouWriteOn message board now...

  5. Lamer than a grasshopper that's been the object of a terrier's attention.

    Nah, that's pretty lame.

  6. So lame it was beat by a tortoise in a three-legged sack race?

    So lame it can qualify for handicapped plates?

    Lamer than a John McCain joke?

  7. Like all writer's "muscles," these skills need exercise.

    That metaphor was so lame, a clich├ęd one-armed paperhanger could have put up better.

  8. Should I say?

    Yeah, why not, who wants to be discreet...well, NickP and Lawrence can always be relied on to weigh in with a sock to the jaw, or indeed a punch to the stomach; Patricia then hits the victim over the head with her handbag. And now and then Lorraine gets indignant.

  9. You're quite right, Lexi. I did and I shouldn't have done. It was both stupid and unnecessary. Just at the moment it's all too easy for me to react badly. My apologies.


  10. Lorraine, you are one of the voices of reason on the YWO message board. Your contributions are always sensible.

    I sometimes write a message, and do not post it. The thought, 'There is no point' occurs...

  11. 'There is no point'...

    This springs to mind constantly when I see some of the postings on YWO and (especially in recent days) on Authonomy.

    Sometimes I get these terrible urges to reply to postings... mostly I resist them!

    Anyway, I shouldn't really be reading/replying to yr blog. I'm supposed to be in Africa!


  12. Is there no Internet in Africa Guy? You could say that you're there and we'd not be able to tell the difference.

  13. BTW, "Don't feed the trolls" is not a bad metaphor at all. In fact, it's quite good really.

  14. Hi Guy, is the Africa trip research for Africa Reich?

    Fascinating to see the place you have set your action in - really useful.

  15. Ahem...

    Slight misunderstanding here.

    'Going to Africa / supposed to be in Africa etc' is my euphemism for writing! Ie what I should be doing instead a reading blogs etc.


    Actually I did try and get to Africa to do some research, but the parts I wanted to visit - Eastern Congo, North-east Angola - are top of the FCO's list of no-no places to go. In east Congo, for instance, there's a contingent of 3000 UN troops... but even they don't venture out into the jungle. So the idea of me wandering around was never going to happen!

    Returning to the original thread of this msg... I agree entirely with the maxim, 'don't feed the trolls.'

    Back to the re-drafting!


  16. Lol!

    Glad you're not really going to risk your life in pursuit of your art, Guy.

    Africa won't be the same as it was 50-60 years ago, anyway.

    My book's set in Hoxton, where I am now, so I don't go off anywhere when I'm writing...

  17. Talking of troll feeding...

    Have you seen Uttuku's rant about YWO on Authonomy?

    It's stunning. I sort of suspected there were people like that out there... now I know.

    This guy is the nutter's nutter.

    Geez... Congo never looked so attractive!

  18. Just had a look, Guy. Hmm...if only it were that easy.

    I don't like the way a minority on Authonomy ganged up to savage Uttuku a few days ago. Really not nice.

  19. Oh, I missed that. Maybe there are two sides to every story...

    Still, to be honest the forums on Authonomy are often very missable!

    Like I say - best to stay hiding in the jungle somewhere. Loved yr YWO conspiracy comment though abt Demo and KR.

    Brought a much needed smile to my face.