Sunday, 5 October 2008

POD on Youwriteon

Phewph. I have just finished the formatting of my first two novels to send to Legend for Youwriteon's POD deal. It took about two days, including covers with backs and spines.

Luckily I like formatting; I love fiddling about till the text looks its best, and I ADORE dropped caps at the start of chapters. I'd have illuminated capitals if I could, red, blue and gold, but plain dropped caps are pretty good.

To keep costs down, you don't get a proof copy, which means I will have a niggling worry at the back of my mind, until I see the books, that I've made some stupid mistake.

I do hope I haven't.


  1. I hope you haven't too! I know exactly what you're feeling, I think, what with these anthologies I've put together for my writing group. Hard work, innit!


  2. Yes, and obsessive, but fun.

    I imagine your anthologies turned out well?

  3. Yeah they came out great, thanks.

    Obsessive? Yes. But I think the fun of playing publisher dispersed quite a while ago!


    PS I enjoyed it really.