Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Commit to the move!

From the age of nine, my daughter studied static trapeze and flying trapeze. She also learned cloud swing, where you balance on a loop of rope swinging in a huge arc, using its momentum to do tricks. One move guaranteed to make the audience gasp involves winding the rope round your ankles, then at the high point of the swing letting go with your hands, rotating and catching the rope the other side. You can see it on the video of Fabio Dorea. (Click the middle arrow then bottom left arrow).

I used to watch Minty being trained for this. And it's not something you can learn to do slowly, then build up speed. No, you have to commit to the move. If you don't leap out at the top of the swing, it won't work and you'll be left dangling. I marvelled at her courage.

As writers we don't need those sort of guts, but there are occasions when we too need to commit to the move.

The moment comes when a novel is finished: one has done one's best, had all one's second thoughts, got trusted advice and acted on it, revised and revised again till it's the best one can make it.

Time to send it out to find its fortune. Commit to the move.


  1. That is so true! And utterly inspirational.

    Thank you!



  2. Watching cloud swing live is exhilarating and as you say, inspirational.

    I'm a great fan of the aerial arts.

  3. Fantastic stuff!

    Good luck with your move, Lexi.


  4. And in what direction is it making its big arc through the air?



  5. Well, that would be nice, Alan.

    Maybe I should have gone with a flying trapeze metaphor, then the agent could be the catcher...