Friday, 1 February 2008

Youwriteon update

The ups and downs of an unpublished author, Part Two...

Yesterday I came in to find an email from Guy Saville, author of The Africa Reich, which is so kind I'm going to quote it in full;

Dear Lexi

Just seen the YWO longlist and had to email you straight away to say: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so pleased for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed you make it to the shortlist... and then all the way. I think RISING FIRE has a really good chance of winning. I'll watch with bated breath.
Well done again, this should be a real boost to your confidence as a writer.
Warmest wishes

Guy x

Which was a nice way to discover I'd made the Youwriteon longlist for Book of the Year.


  1. Nice note from Guy.

    I wonder why I didn't get one like that from him last year?

    It could be my "correction" of his alternate history in my review of "African Reich".

    Or maybe he likes dragons!

    But in any case, when you get the publishing deal, remember who has been cheering you on for decades (okay, for a year or so) and put in a good word for those folks!

  2. Alan, if I get to that happy stage, you'll be there in the dedications.

    And they will be heartfelt.

  3. Ah... if only there had been a dragon in your book, Alan, not only would I have sent you an email I would probably have forfeited the Award too!

    Lexi... very flattering of you to think my email worthy of inclusion on your site. I am, however, a tadge embarrassed by my ghasly mixed metaphor in it 'watching with bated breath'. If any publishers are reading can I make it clear there are no such errors in my book. Honest.

    Nor are there any dragons.


    Well done, Lexi. I'm sure everyone who visits your blog will have their fingers crossed for you!


  4. Well done Lexi. Getting into the Top Five is a huge accomplishment in itself. Making it to the next rung is even bigger.


  5. No dragons. They are scarce in Arizona at the moment.

    I do have a dachshund, does that count for anything?

    Lexi, there are so many positive thoughts going in RF's direction that no matter what happens with YWO you know that good things will happen with it.

    Of course it doesn't hurt that it is a darned fun read.

  6. Huzzah!!! That's wonderful news - go, girl, go!!!