Friday, 29 February 2008

Youwriteon Book of the Year

Not Rising Fire alas, but some good news...

Go here to see who won YWO Book of the Year 2008. I've read most of these extracts, and they are of a high standard, worthy winners, and all very different.

The excellent news for me is that Youwriteon is publishing an anthology of all the short stories in the Best Seller Chart, and I have two in there; Showing Them, about an unpublished writer, and Comforted by Darkness, about a woman's encounter with an enigmatic stranger.

So guess what everyone I know will be getting from me, signed, for Christmas?


  1. Fantastic, Lexi. Congrats. How can I get hold of one?


  2. Congratulations!

    I came to your website through the ABNA links (I am one of the ABNA 5000).

    I enjoyed reading your posts and especially the excerpt of Rising Fire.

    Best Wishes.

  3. Indu, thanks for dropping by.

    ABNA seems a long time ago, as I fell at the first post back in January! Congratulations on being a semi-finalist, and not with me and the other 4,163 who failed to make it. An achievement.

    Nik, the short story anthology is as yet just a gleam in Ted's eye; but I expect it will be out this year. If you miss the announcement on my blog, I'll pop over to yours and tell you when it happens.

  4. Fabulous news - well done, indeed!



  5. Lexi,

    I guess I was lucky to get in - I got axed when the top 100 was announced.

    One of the things I liked best about ABNA was getting to know so many authors around the world.

    I enjoyed both your stories - Loved the delightful 'Showing Them'.

  6. Yes, I was sorry to leave my cyber friends on the ABNA forum.

    Perhaps you should join Youwriteon? I've found it most useful for improving my writing, and I've made some good friends there.