Saturday, 2 April 2011

Titles - what do you think?

Any opinions on the title and the lettering would be appreciated, as I do last-minute tweaks and rethinks. This is what it's about:

Beth Chandler works in a government research institute, and is accidentally replicated in a flawed experiment. The replica has no official existence, and when she overhears plans to liquidate her, goes on the run. Homeless, penniless and pursued by MI5, she has to learn to survive on London's icy streets. Meanwhile, the original Beth, unaware of what has happened, becomes romantically involved with Nick Cavanagh, the spec op she believes is there to protect her. In fact, he’s hunting her double.


  1. I prefer Unofficial Girl. I think Replica sounds a bit Michael Crichton.

    Unless it's going to be a Michael Crichton-esque novel in which case Replica is fine!

  2. That is a fantastic cover! Personally, I think the title Replica sounds better, more intriguing, and fits the blurb (and, subsequently, the concept) better. Unofficial Girl sounds more like a young adult book set in a high school.

    As for the font, I think the font style works, but in the Replica version, the font is too light and see-through. It's a cool effect but doesn't read as well as the "Unofficial Girl" one.

    With that said, I really dig the story concept. Good luck!

  3. I like Unoffical Girl but I prefer Replica - it sounds spookier. And it's short and memorable.

    Both covers look great to me. I rather like the faintness of the title Replica.

  4. Replica!!!

    Unofficial girl - I read Working Girl for some reason - it;s the word Office in Unofficial.

    Ok I'm not making any sense - Replica says - mystery! Intrigue! Sci-fi! It's short and immediate!

    I vote Replica! :-)

    Take care

  5. Great cover!

    To me, Unofficial Girl sounds, I dunno, a bit girly compared with what the blurb describes.

    I vote for Replica. It seems to fit better with the blurb, which sounds like mystery and suspense.

  6. Replica. Definitely. That word combined with the picture is instantly intriguing.

    But with the full shading on the font just because it's too hard to see against the dark background.

    ps sorry I opened my big mouth...

  7. Thinking about it and having read the story I would like to suggest 'FATAL SYMMETRY'

    The symmetry is evident from the cover and the word 'fatal' implies unpleasant consequences of that symmetry.

    Of the two titles displayed I prefer UG

  8. I like the second one with Replica!

  9. As I've seen get a cover designed and organised is no easy feat. the reversed shots of your daughter are quite effective, the scene in a dark lane and a shadowy figure in the background give a good symmetry .
    My twelve year old daughter liked unofficial girl as a title as did my partner, Jocelyn. She's had a lot of expereience in journal design said the cover looked very professional, excellently shot and well arranged. She also said since your novels were quirky then the title fitted your style.
    By the way I finished Remix, not really my kind of story, though my partner Jocelyn gave it a thumbs up. However that aside it was very well written and had a good flow. The characters were believable and engaging. I would have to say it is definately of professional quality.
    Good luck with the next

  10. Replica-it then echos the R in your name below-and, yes, the other one is a bit childish

  11. To what genre does the book belong? If it's straight sci-fi then Replica identifies the genre better. If it's a hybrid, say sci-fi-tinged romantic suspense or woman in jep, then Unofficial Girl reflects that better IMO.

    Genre issues aside, Replica sounds a lot like a lot of titles, and Unofficial Girl is unique, intrigues me, stands out from the crowd.

  12. Replica unquestionably, with the bolder font.

    Revellian... Remix... Replica...

    Quite possible a theme for future titles for your non-fantasy books, and the chance to establish a real brand.

    Revellian titles all single words begining with R and with a blue colour scheme. Would even go so far as to suggest a consistent font and colour for the author name.

  13. Replica, definitely. I was thinking it was a *totally* different type of book when I knew your title was Unofficial Girl. I think Replica is more fitting to the blurb. Interesting....

  14. I like unofficial girl. If you had called her Kate, you could have had Replikate - possibly too corny.

  15. What about 'Replicated'?

    I don't like UG. Sounds too young. I like the ghost wording on the second one, too.

    I also liked the other suggestion: Fatal Symmetry.

  16. The difficulty with Replica, and any other word based on its root, is it'll be instantly read as Replicant, with all the connotations attached thereto. SF has a history on one word titles that you may or may not wish to associate with; think Species, Alien, Aliens, Predator etc.

  17. I'm a hundred per cent with Mark Williams. In fact, he's left me nothing to say, but er . . . I'll say it anyway.

    "Replica" echoes "Remix" nicely, and will help create a brand name. Same typeface, even if you don't like the idea, will probably help sell to readers of "Remix". And that's a lot of sales.

    As others have said, "Unofficial Girl" sounds almost like chick lit, and you're better than that.

    Those who prefer "Unofficial Girl" are of course wrong, and must be made to see the error of their ways. As Fanny Squeers would have said of Nicholas Nickleby, had there been two of him, "I pity their ignorance and despise them."

  18. Norm,

    Usually I vote with you, but after pondering this one for seconds upon seconds I have to go with Replica. Although, of course, Replicant would be good too. Or Replicantarian, or Replicaurus or Replitudian are also excellent, if somewhat inappropriate, choices.


    This is tougher than it ought to be, this title business. Ooh, how about "Me Again"?

    Or "Get Over Myself"?

  19. As others have said, "Unofficial Girl" sounds almost like chick lit, and you're better than that.

    Those who prefer "Unofficial Girl" are of course wrong, and must be made to see the error of their ways. As Fanny Squeers would have said of Nicholas Nickleby, had there been two of him, "I pity their ignorance and despise them."

    7/10 for humor
    0/10 for business sense.

    Romance novels are booming in this depressed economy and I believe account for nearly 50% of total book sales. Only an idiot, or someone in an ivory tower, would ignore that! LOL

  20. Romance novels are booming in this depressed economy and I believe account for nearly 50% of total book sales. Only an idiot, or someone in an ivory tower, would ignore that! LOL

    If I could write romance novels I would (but I can't even read them).

  21. Eric, there is some awful tosh written as romance (as in all genres) but there are also some superb writers.

    For a range of (my favorite) voices, try Sophie Kinsella (also writing as Madeleine Wickham .... Not the shopaholic series!), or Catherine Anderson eg her Comanche books, or Eloisa James (she is a Shakespearian Professor of Lit and writes romance to supplement her salary!).

    I include 'Womens Fiction' under the Romance genre and for example like Luanne Rice and Kristin Hannah .... Hannah's description of the siege of Leningrad in 'Winter Garden' will leave your eyes moist!

    Also I would describe 'Remix' as romantic suspense!

    Once you find the right voice you will be hooked like me. *grin*

  22. Thank you SO much to everyone who commented and gave their reasons - I am very fortunate in my blog readers. You really helped me come to a decision.

    So, I think the title is Replica. The arguments against are less persuasive than those for; and as K pointed out, 'girl' is a word whose day has passed, except for quite young females.

    I like the translucency of the lettering, though I've made it a little more opaque. How it looks on Amazon will be the clincher.

  23. I've decided it's better than I don't comment again, to say that quantum has to be taken seriously. I mean, if it's true that romance novels presently "account for nearly 50% of total book sales", it really is food for thought. I didn't know that.

    But, like you, I think I'd still favour Replica. So one of us is an idiot, the other lives in an ivory tower. You get first pick.

    On reflection, I too like the translucent lettering. I'd keep it. It gives the right eerie feel.

    But, as I said at the start, I thought I'd better not comment again.

  24. Ian, please don't stop commenting!

    Perhaps I am a little oversensitive about detrimental comments on romance fiction, especially from academic circles!
    No hard feelings. *grin*

    2006 sales in US ( :
    Romance $1.37 billion
    Science fiction/fantasy $495 million
    Classic literary fiction $448 million
    Mystery $422 million
    Total sales $6.31 billion

    So romance is about 50% of comparable total sales and 21% of total sales
    Quite revealing statistics I think.

    On the titles for Lexi's book, I didn't like either very much and proposed the perfect alternative.
    Author's decision is final though. LOL

  25. Thanks for the tips on reading the best of romance, Quantum. (I've read romantic suspense, e.g., Mary Higgins Clark, and have enjoyed it.)

  26. I like Replica, too, but think the solid white of the other is easier on the eyes. I have no eye for art though so feel free to ignore. ;)

  27. Great cover. I totally agree with your choice of Replica.

  28. Thanks, Lindsay and Simon.

    I'm getting used to the new title - I just hope some famous author doesn't use it for his latest blockbuster :o)

  29. Either title works, IMO. They both sound interesting and reflect the story well.

    I don't care for the font used for 'Girl,' however. I think a different font is good, but they are too far removed from each other.

    If you go with Replica, I think you should keep the transparency, but make it slightly stronger. My two bits worth!