Sunday, 17 April 2011


I am a terrible tweaker, and this is probably not a good thing, because the last 5% of improvements can take the same amount of time again as you spent on the first 95%. I suspect that prolific authors never do that final 5%, which few people will notice in any case, and very sensible they are.

I've just spent about fourteen hours making a new cover for Remix; I finished last night and loaded it to Amazon. This morning I started making small but telling changes, and can't wait for the book to come out of Amazon's 48 hour publishing limbo so I can upload the improved version. I doubt anyone will notice the difference...


  1. Very eye-catching, I particularly like the blackbird. But how does your model feel about being displaced?


  2. The offspring is sublimely indifferent about the whole thing. Probably hopes I'll stick to non-photographic covers in the future :o)

  3. Hah!! This makes my first edition, signed, original cover of Remix even more precious and rare!!! Yay!!

    p.s. I do like the cover though - esp the rocking horses through the windows!

    Take care

  4. Rare - Kitty, you are not wrong, the paperback edition is as rare as hens' teeth. You will be one of the few able to read a Revellian novel once civilisation has disappeared taking electricity with it.

  5. I like the new cover. David Hockney meets Piet Mondrian . . . sort of. Light at the top, dark at the bottom. I think it's good, but that may be the port speaking.

    I'm definitely impressed by the tweaking. Fourteen hours does you credit. Remember Oscar: "This morning I took out a comma and this afternoon I put it back in again." That's the way to do it, and that's why you should never write for a newspaper or magazine. Trust me.

    Back to the port.

  6. Thank you Iain. I am borderline obsessive, which has its uses.

    I'm sure a professional could do better, but the problem is a) finding one I like and b) paying for it.


  7. Well, I too am nostalgic for the Minty-graced cover, but I like what you have done here.

    Now, if I may suggest it is time for you to stop fretting about Remix and perhaps indulge yourself in some reading? Keep a notepad handy at all times (not just while reading) for those inspirations that are sure to strike at the least expected moments, until your next book begins to take shape in your mind and in your notepad.

  8. I think its a good cover nice design work, good link to the story. Though I do know what you mean we've spent the past two solid days checking and recheck and re-re-checking before the Liberties of London comes out.

  9. Alan, the bath is where inspiration strikes mostly, though it's tricky keeping the paper dry. Or long walks, but I only do those when my shoulder is broken; it's not a good idea to ruminate on a bike.

    Thank you, Gregory. Good luck with Liberties of London - may all your hard work pay off.

  10. As I read Remix, I pictured the building in sections - strange the way my mind works! This has put it all together as a whole and, having looked at it for several days now, I absolutely love it. Having seen this, when I reread Remix, I shall be able to picture the whole building all in one go!

    Alan's right you know - take a day off to read.

  11. Glad you like it, Anna. It's growing on me, too, and seems to be helping sales, possibly because it works well at the size of a stamp.